Who will be the Sole Survivor? (Vanuatu Edition)

Taking all bets! :stuck_out_tongue:

Chris (5:1)- I personally think that had he stuck with Eliza, he’d have a darn good chance to win. But the whole flip-flop thing is going to kill him when it comes to the Jury (and that’s if he even makes it to the final 2; IMO, he’s odd man out now)

Twila (6:1)- Nobody on the Jury thinks very highly of her after the whole swearing thing. I think she has a decent chance of hitting the final 2, but there’s no way she can win.

Scout (1:1)- That’s assuming she hits the final 2. I don’t see her winning any immunity challenges (unless there’s a quiz challenge), but she almost doesn’t have to. Twila won’t vote her off, and neither would Eliza. Chris would, but that’s only if he makes it past the women.

Eliza (3:1)- She is as alone as Chris, but if it comes down to the three women (and if they’re smart, that’s what they’d do), she has a shot at winning immunity. The downside: she won the car, and nobody who’s **won **the car has won the game (note that Amber was given a car).