Who will win at Nationals?!?

So, the time comes this season when we must ask the question of all questions: Who will win at Nationals? Lets hear your reason and lets get a variety of robots that could win. (because after all this game is very unpredictable).

I predict the Nats winner will come out of the Rutgers Regional in NJ. Nuff said…

I predict rookie teams will be big contenders

You are probably right. This year the game is much more friendly to rookies and they might do well-

Ok- I revise my prediction- a team from NJ partnered with a rookie (preferably also from NJ)


And I’ll remind everyone to put your [points] where your mouth is. Head on over to the Chief Delphi Ventures System and place those bets.


Gee Brandon- I’m not really a betting man- I don’t have enough hair left for it!!


226, partnered with other robots we’ve been with in the past


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**Gee Brandon- I’m not really a betting man- I don’t have enough hair left for it!!

WC:cool: **

okay many people might noto know about this, but when our team won the nats in 2000, Before hand Mr. Cokeley made the bet that he would shave his head if we won, and we got Good Morning America to Televise his head shaving on his show

So Mr. C care to put your hair where ur mouth is?

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**Everyone. **

I have to agree.:smiley: :cool:

Although I believe that my team will do slightly beter that others.

I think that this year will be won by a two veteran team with a rookie/second year partner.

229 is gonna take it all with an under the bar stacker and a strong rookie defender

One of those “blazing fast” autonomous utility bots, possibly a stacker, will pair off with an amazing blocker/drivetrain bot to take it all.


16 and 45… BBS cruises up the ramp and clears the way. 45 comes up from behind with the follow through.

I predict the winning alliance will consist of two of the “big boy” teams from FIRST. You guys know who I’m talking about… The ones whose names we all know and love. Whatever two of these teams match up together will take it all.

Overall… best guess…

I think 217 will take it all. They’re gonna seed high in their division, and pick a powerhouse alliance.

(I’d LOVE to be the 3rd pick of such an alliance :smiley: )

Personally I’m hoping for 47, and 88. We’ve been friends for a while now and for once I would like to partner with them.

i dont know who will win, but if 710 (us) makes it to nationals (waiting list), we will do much better than we ever have before, we may not get much press on CD, we may not have fans b/c of a small team, but I feel we are strong enough to put on a show

The world may never know. :smiley: But this year there has been a lot of good bots out there. Hope the National Competitions will be more challenging though.

i guarantee it will be an alliance similar to ours, 930, 65, and 16 at midwest. Two blazingly fast and strong veterans, with a very robust 2nd year or rookie. Our alliance took the bins everytime with our auto modes. Baxter hit the bins in under 3 seconds, 65 in 4 seconds, and we followed up with 5 seconds. I think the midwest outcome would have been different if 16 wouldnt have lost radio connection in the first finals match. Oh, by the way, we flipped beatty two matches in a row. Now what do you all think about that alliance.

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** Everyone. **
That’s what I was going to say. There are tons of excellent teams out there.

I firmly believe it the winning alliance will include a good consistent stacker and 2 good tank bots

Shawny, I like the alliance we had at Midwest too. A fantastic combination, and all of you were great. We too, wish we hadn’t lost our radio… Maybe things will go better for nationals.