Who won the Teddies & Phillies awards?

Did Ted Boardman & Phil Dollan host an Autodesk seminar at the Championship? If so, does anyone know who won the Teddies & Phillies Awards?

Autodesk’s FIRSTbase site still shows the 2008 winners:

I don’t remember every award.
1099- Narration
I know you guys(342) won something, I think it was textures.

I think our team won something about using original nuts and bolts in inventor

I asked Ted Boardman via his Blog. Here are the Teddie winners:

  • Materials: Team 75
  • Modeling: Team 342 :smiley:
  • Lighting: Team 1860
  • Narration: Team 1099
  • Camera: Team 192

Congrats to all the winning teams!

Will hvae to check out the winning animations tomorrow when I can get to faster internet access.