Who won what awards?

Does anybody have a list of all the award winners at the Championship Event?

It’s not posted on USFIRST yet (8pm Eastern time).

I’ll post what I remember: (now compiled from further posts as well)

Innovation in Control-1024
Industrial Design-233
Dephi Technology-1690
Autodesk Inventor-234
Animation- 867
Spirit- 1266
Rookie All-Star-2352

What about the drag race… who won that?

And website?

1690 - The Answer from Binyamina, Israel

aw… now im really dissapointed we didnt get to go, but glad we won.

Is it just me or was this award mysteriously absent…?

Perhaps it has gone the way of the Honorable Mention.

does any body knows who won the rookie all-star

C’mon please tell us which teams won the rest of the awards…

GM Design
Rookie All Star
Rookie Insp

or please just tell if mexico won anything

Didn’t a team from Brazil (1860, I think) win an award of planting a ton of trees? I believe it may have been a judges award.

and how about the rokie all-star

Website was announced during opening ceremonies on Friday. Team 115 won.

Not sure about FRC, but I know an FTC team from Mexico won the Connect Award (equivalent to Chairmans for FTC)

Yeees, we won the judges award, and we planted 800 trees…
We give support at the four brazilian teams ( 2 rookies ) and make the Brazilian Regional…

I thought about this at dinner tonight, that I should have recorded and posted award results as I watched the web cast today. This wait for awards posting is annoying (and somewhat common) for all of us not attending the event.

I didn’t see it all but here a few things I remember:

I believe I saw team 341 Miss Daisy receive an award (possibly Entrepreneurship?)

There were three Judges’ awards given.

The Founder’s Award was presented to BAE Systems. I found this link from the regional they sponsor. Dean described their very active and deep involvement in FIRST as he presented the award, which was accepted by their CEO.

Also highlighted by Dean in the award ceremonies:

  • A condensed clip from his Colbert show appearance.
  • The pin a team made from former president Bush’s opening ceremony talk “This is like WWF but for smart people”.
  • The attendance of the committee working on the next generation of X prizes.

What about FTC?

Yes the wait for them to post it online is pretty painful lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that’s what it was.

Awards aren’t up yet. I hope they’re up soon.

Safety went to 2062.
Rookie All-Star went to 2352.