Who would be interested in an open source FRC CMS?

Alright, so I’ve been going all out on team 61’s website, and I was thinking of releasing the source code to other teams.

It’s written in PHP and MySQL, and it’s more of a team management type thing in a web site. I guess it could be considered a webapp. I was basically looking to automate the things that the team was doing in excel last year.

It’s got a user database, which feeds the team member page and attendance system. When users log in they can edit their team page info, and email/phone numbers. If the have the right permission level, they can conduct attendance or upload photos to the gallery. They can reorder the team page, send email and text message alerts to members who have opted for each.

It’s a modular site, so each module has it’s own mini-module that’s shown on the left column, and main content that’s shown in the large window on the right. Some of it’s just a retrieved HTML file, some of it’s interactive PHP.

And, well I got a bunch of other goodies in there. Would anybody be interested in it?

The site’s up now, although not completely done, you can check it out at http://www.team61.com

How easy is it to skin? And I’m assuming that it would be simple for me to, say, go in and add my own customizations to the code, or make a module? It looks pretty well-made, though. I actually like how your site looks. We’d be interested in something like that, since I want the students to create the website next year.

What kinds of options/configurations are possible from the backend?

Sounds alot like the long-ago forgotten openFIRST portal system started by some members of 1006, 1049, 781, 1075, 1501, 1227, and 1257. www.openFIRST.org

It’s actually driven by a bunch of HTML files. Each module on the left has a html file to it’s own, which is wrapped in the generic module wrapper, which is inserted into the main template. The main content, each has its own file, and it can be edited. Some modules are more complex than others, where loops are necessary… but even with those, there’s no html in the php, at all, so it’s extremely easy to skin.

I never heard of openFRC before, but yeah, that’s kinda what I’m going for - except more integrated. If I knew about that before, I could have probably gotten in contact with the guys to see if they wanted to continue the project. Do you know if many people used it?