Whoa... the silence

ok im really bored right now, just woke uo, its abput 8am new york time and well…im the only member on CD right now (there are 2 guests) …yea i need a life,
o well back to sleep i guess

7:30 am I am the only person on delphi. Yikes

Don’t know how this happened, but check this one out:

no users.gif

no users.gif

*Originally posted by Jeff Waegelin *
**Don’t know how this happened, but check this one out: **

The counter is updated after your page loads, I believe.
You came to the site with 0 people on it. (I think)

A way to test this out is to stay off the site for 20 minutes, clear your cache, then load the front page. If you’re shown, then I am wrong.

right now it’s only 9:56 my time (pacific standard time)… a few minutes ago there were only 2 people online and now there are only 4… DJ Fluck being one of them of course:rolleyes: … hehe just kidding DJ…

yeah, its 7:30 AM on saturday and there are only 4 people on right now.

it’s only 9:50 (pacific time) and i am the ONLY person on this site… not even any guests… i feel to alone… hehe:p

Last year there was so much more conversation going on around this time. Now, whenever I go on CD (which is very rare unless I have lots of free time) there’s barely anyone on. Maybe 20 people or so.

It’s the off-season… it’s always been like this. Besides, this is how it used to always be all year, anyways. The massive crush of members has only come in the last 2 years.

/me is lonely…



I just restarted mysql. It was throwing a hissy fit. :slight_smile: