Whole School Workshops?

I have begun an attempt (after a long hiatus) to recruit other staff on my campus to help the robotics team. My approach was to ask for help with non-robot stuff where the teacher would need to supervise the students using nothing more dangerous than a Chromebook. This seems to have promise, as I’ve already received three responses, including a couple of face-to-face discussions. Those both focused on fundraising ideas.

Aside from the usual “have the team sell X” or “run a fireworks booth” comments, one idea popped up that I found interesting: get the whole school involved. Below is what a Spanish teacher proposed (she is looking to expand her own club/program), and I wonder if anyone has done something similar on their campus.

The Idea:
Have the school ASB organize a set of club/booster workshops. One of them being on fundraising. And invite successful clubs to share best practices and ideas they don’t mind others doing. This would continue with other topics of interest to clubs like gaining membership, etc.

This isn’t a “new” idea for robotics, as many off-season events run workshops on these topics. But I’m unfamiliar with this being done with other groups within a school (i.e. Key club, robotics, e-sports, and Red Cross). It would give ASB a chance to show leadership in organizing the event. It would give each club a chance to share their knowledge. And it may even help students network and make friends.

If you’ve done something like this on your campus (mentors or students), let me know how it works and if it is a annual thing or just a one-off.

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For those of us not in California, ASB is Associated Student Body (Student Council).


yes that seems like a great idea

Great idea to get more teachers and programs working together.

We have done this but some similar things.

#1 Robotics has a pitch/fundraising team. Probably something similar to other teams.
They contact potential sponsors based on networking within team and with parents/mentors.
Robotics student begin by emailing to setup a pitch.
We have created a pitch deck with content and two or three personal impact slides(one slide per presenter).
We like to pitch in person at our facility but also will pitch at sponsor site. We did use virtual (Zoom/Microsoft Teams) the past two years extensively.
Ask for a sponsorship, follow up, updates. Etc.

We have shown speech & debate our process, delivered a practice process with them from email contact to pitch to follow up.
Our school district PTO also contacted us about our pitch method and ask for demo of the full process.
We have shared with three other groups on campus about our nonprofit setup and finding creative ways to fundraise including demo of pitch process.

#2 STEM Connect summer camps.
We host camps at our high school as well as corporate locations. We have shared the corporate location plan with speech & debate club.

Senior celebration -FIRST Signing Day - several other groups on campus now hold a yearly senior day event at the end of the school year very much athlet s signing letters of intent.
#3 Swag/spirit store with online store that drop ships items to customers. Connected groups on campus to our provider.

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This. Some schoolmates went into sales careers and “asking for the sale” was one of the fundamentals they were taught. It is one of more common differences between the successful sales people and the unsuccessful ones.

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Everyone is a marketing person eventually in marketing.

  • Get an interview
  • I am the best for the job
  • Promoting your idea
  • Presenting to a project manager on the best next step
  • provide influence to others
  • Self promotion is critical to succes-
  • etc
    On a more personal note
  • finding a life partner

Skills that go along with this

  • creative thinking
  • problem solving
  • communication
  • decision making
  • follow up
  • taking some No as a result and moving forward
  • analytics
  • research
  • leadership
  • teamwork
  • writing

Well yeah, if that’s how far you could get reading it - I stalled at the “run a fireworks booth” statement - how do we get to do THAT?

I worked for Radio Shack in the early 80’s while still in college and that was one of the most valuable things I learned - it served me incredibly well in 20+ years of running my own company - even when I had dedicated sales staff.

That and telling the story at Eagle Scout ceremonies about how much I learned about company leadership from Scouting - I didn’t have an MBA, I just ran each project like it was a scout patrol.

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Here in SoCal there are only fireworks stands for the week leading up to the 4th of July. Many are run by local school groups for the firework companies. Run the booth, get a cut of the money. But its a lottery system because you get ~$10k for a few days of hard work.

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See if you can get outside teams involved too in order to secure the material or to come and speak.

Definitely want to try to get an OCRAGE (Orange County Robotics Alliance Grand Encounter) workshop and networking event back up and running.

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