Who's a Returning Rookie Member?

How many of you out there feel like you’re still a rookie member, though you might have belonged to your team for a while? I kind of feel that way. This is actually only my second time on Chief Delphi as a member that actually participates. This is my first thread.

I have been a part of GRR for over a year now, and this year I’m one of the team leaders, but I don’t feel I know very much about robotics. The fact that I’ve never been involved with Chief Delphi kind of tells you that right there. I’m also feeling a bit weird since I am the only girl out of about 15 kids on the team this year, so I’m hoping I’ll start being accepted more as “one of the guys” soon. I just want to know if there’s anyone else out there who feels like me. Or somewhat like me.

There’s plenty of knowledgable people in FIRST that don’t frequent ChiefDelphi. Coming here doesn’t in and of itself make us smarter than those who don’t :slight_smile:

“Robotics” is a very broad subject. For our purposes, fundraising, PR, Animation, and Leadership are all as big a part of robotics as CAD, Programming, Electronics, Mechanics, etc. You don’t need to have a strong knowledge of the latter to be involved and useful. The more time you spend around it, the more you’ll pickup though.

Good luck.


Don’t feel bad cavegirl47. Though this is my rookie year, and I do not have a great deal of knowledge about engineering, programing, or even marketing, I am able to speak my mind and know others will listen to what I have to say. In fact, my best asset is that I can turn a wrench and use tools (not to brag, but that is a very important skill in building robots). The point is, what ever your skills are there is most likely a place on the team for them. :slight_smile:

Everyone was a rookie sometime.

Sometimes, you just have to let some things steer clear of your mind. Like Inventor and me, for example. I couldn’t draw a stick figure in that program if you stuck me in front of a computer. But I do have a mean knack for knowing what that OI can do.

(memo to self: refresh memory on the OI manual, and get in cahoots with the software gal on 1293.)

I’m in my 4th year on the X-Cats and a frequent message board user (I’m a member of seven other message boards). Outside of Ellery not any other X-Cats really come here. I think more because they don’t do the message board thing and usually many CD’s are hard core FIRST-a-holics.

i’d be more worried about being the only girl among 14 guys… i mean, ur the only one there to keep them sane! …wait, they’re already insane… well, ur the only one there to keep them from killing themselves… :yikes:

so yeah, i wouldnt worry too much about being accepted by the guys… they’ll certainly realize soon enough how much they need you on the team… i know last year for quite a while i was the only girl (aka til i coerced my friends into joining) and was worried about that, but everything worked out just fine!

im sure you’ll do great, and g’luck!