whos doing what in Autonomous/Hybrid?

after looking at a couple of scrimmages and programming our bot i was wondering what every one else is doing for their autonomous or plan to do?
our team is trying to take down the ball emphasis on trying.

We will be knocking the ball down via robocoach hopefully. I need a little more practice and I will have it down.

thats probably what were doing too but were trying to make it all autonomous with “help” from the robo coach.

Yeah. The only thing is we have to be place in front of the ball to score.

what we tell the robot

Drive forward 48 ft
drive left 15 ft
drive backwards 48ft
drive right 15 ft

if an objects gets in your way crab and slow down to avoid it, add or subtract your crab to the next distance

if you see the colour ball of our team slow down align your self and poke it. then continue

Pretty nice autonomous mode. Seems like it will be pretty succesful.

we are doing both knocking the ball down and going over as many lines as possible. we can 95% hit the ball (currently) from any “lane” and do a full lap in one try.

Before the IR Boerd quit :eek: we could get the ball down 100% :slight_smile:

We also have a back-up on our box to get 4 lines ( 1 full lap ) – :smiley: with no other robots in our way – we cross the last line right at the bell.

Where is the ‘knock down two balls’ option?

dang i forgot… CD should let you add choices to the poll :frowning:

We are in our 15th hour of programming, and from reading the rules and updates for the 10000 time, I am now questioning if it is legal…

Curently our remote does these four functions

drive forward
turn left
turn right

During the Hybrid mode, can we steer our robot under the ball, via remote control, and then hit “STOP”. As soon as we hit stop can we have the ball knocker device raise? In easier terms, can the “stop” button tell the robot to STOP AND Raise the arm???


i think thats legal because i think the buttons are allowed to run macros.

Just as long as everytime you push the button, it’s stops and raises the arm. If the first time you push it and the bot stops, and then you push it again and the arm raises, it’s a no-no. But if it’s all one push, go for it.

Does it have something like “go forward while button is pressed”? if so its illegal.

if you want a chance of winning matches, knocking balls down the overpass is an ABSOLUTE MUST during autonomous mode, in our humble opinion.:slight_smile: Anybody can program to go forward and at least cross one or two lane dividers.
We are trying to perfect the knocking over function like crazy today.
Hope it works out.

We are knocking the ball down, catching it, and crossing 2 or 3 lines. If we are in a good enough position we are looking to hurdle the ball in autonomous as well.

but can you program it to cross 8?
and still hit the balls off?

well we cant either d=

but we did get it to cross 4 lane dividers and knock two balls today, so i figure thats a pretty big accomplishment.