Who's going to JPL Open House?

Whose going to the JPL Open House either to exhibit their robot or just to check out the open house? 696 will be there with the robot on Saturday May 14th.

I’ll probably be there, both to check out the bots and thre rest of the open house. Will they be running a small tournement this year?

Team 1138 will also be at JPL on Saturday and Sunday. We’re also going to be bringing 4 VEX robots that we built to play soccer to help promote VEX.

Your coming to the JPL open house all the way from the other side of the country? Anyway, yes there will be a full field on which to exhibit (not really compete, just show).

So, who else is going? I know there has to be more.

Team 294 is going, I’ll try to be there on Sunday, not sure though. I know 330 and 980 are also exhibiting.

Yes, we will have a full demonstration field, I really wish we could run a mini-competition on it, but we don’t have enough teams I don’t think. Would be fun though.

Cool, the two beach teams. We can play a little bit of competition if you want. I don’t know if we can get all 6 out on the field, but maybe a 1 on 1 stacking competition or row-making competition or something. I look forward to the students getting a lot of practice for San Diego which is one week away.

Well, tomorrow there are only going to be two students, and none of our drivers. So we may be at a slight disadvantage…

Team 980 will indeed be there both days.

I stopped by the FIRST tent after work tonight. Wendy Wooten and Team 22 were setting up the field (thanks, Wendy and crew!). Because of the tight quarters, there will be 1 center goal and 4 small goals. Wendy was able to get official game tetras from FIRST (yeah!!).

Caution: The tent has steel cables running across the width of the tent about 8 feet above the ground. Not conducive for attempting to drive with a tetra at capping height. Also there are no player stations with plexiglass walls.

I think the teams can demonstrate capping and maneuverability of the robots, but a mini-competition may not be in the cards. Yet, this is still a really good opportunity to introduce a lot of people to FIRST and tell them about your own experiences.

Team 980 is going to San Diego (and maybe IRI), so we don’t won’t do any risky maneuvers (high-speed driving, robot pushing, etc.). Not only the potential for damage to the robot is a concern, but also the safety of observers (there’s no hard barrier to keep a robot from driving close to (or into) the crowd :eek: . We are going to watch how the other teams drive their robots - we won’t go onto the field if erratic or dangerous driving is being exhibited.

Ya, same scenario with us. We’re only going to have 4 people coming. We’re probably going to have 2 people running the VEX robots we’re going to have and 2 other people operating our robot. We also only have two people from the drive team coming, the human player and me, the arm operator. Our main robot driver can’t make either day. Tomorrow should be pretty cool though.

Your coming to the JPL open house all the way from the other side of the country?[/quote]

More like he goes all the way to the other side of the country to go to school.