whos going to River Rage?


whos goin to River Rage in Sept.?
if you are, can you briefly describe your robot functions, this will help me since i am driving, i am a new driver.


95 will be going.

We pick up balls, really really really well. 'nuff said.

-Andy A.

w00t! 95 is coming! This is going to be interesting…

This will be my 3rd attempt at going to my first mini-comp of the season…circumstances beyond my control caused me to miss the last 2 comps…and Im trying my darndest to get there…especially since I want to work the field again! Maybe ref or something…that would be awesome. Anyone who’s reading this that can help me get there, that would be great!

-Jessica B

I want to go! I’ll be in college then though… Chris how about a road trip? Or anyone from Clarkson reading this, you want to enter River Rage, its always fun!

T190 will be there…

same ol’ 2 goal grabber as always…

but now comes in one solid piece to make the ‘monkey-in-the-middle’ tough of wars a little harder on the opposition and easier on us…

(we know we had that monkey ridin’ on top for some reason… thanks to the finals we figured it out… i love monkey in the middle!)

Hello Everyone,

On behalf of the River Rage Committee I’d like to thank all the teams out there for their interest in River Rage. Our dedicated little band of volenteers is looking forward to again brining you River Rage. WE NEED YOUR HELP though…we need teams, so tell all your favorite teams, beg and plead with your team captians and get to River Rage. Look forward to seeing everyone there and providing the FIRST community with a quality competition.

Watch this forum for more information soon and declare your intent to attend River Rage now by using our signup form at http://riverrage.w3.to/.

Thank You,

River Rage - Scorekeeper/
General Computer Geek

I know 88 will be there and hey can I be a ref?

I just want to say to everyone, I HIGHLY recommend going to River Rage. It is one of the best off-season competitions in the northeast, and the oldest offseason ever. The competition is always so much fun…I am proud to have been a part of it for the past few years. Plus, hey, ITS IN MANCHVEGAS!!!

Hope to see ya all there,
Andy Grady =)

151 is definetly going to be there same two goal grabber with weight transfer ,and kickazz wheels:D