Who's going to San Diego?

Hi I’m from team 1566, and I am wondering what teams are going to the San Diego Regional. Please reply to this post if your team is going.

team 2599 is


Check there.

Arroyo Grande High School Eagle Robotics 1388 is going–hope to see you there!

I wish I was–team 330, the team I graduated from, will be there, but team 1135 (my current team) is not going. I’ll probably watch the webcast if there is one, though.

the beach bots (330) rocked last year! the FIRST website has a regional event page that has a list of regionals and the teams going to them. you might want to check that out:]

why I do recall 696 rocking last year at SD too. They’ll be going again.

Team 2493 will be there. Just lifted a ball for our first time today… yeah!

2102 is gonna be there.

And your recollections were good, 330 and 696 both rocked last year.

Team 980’s robot hitched a ride with RAWC, Circuit Breakers and Robodox.

I seem to remember a certain team 1717 absolutely destroying the lifting competition in San Diego last year. we will be back…

I’ll be there, hope to see you all!

I also seem to remember a Certain Spyder at San Diego that came from Poway last year that did pretty well at the San Diego regional… :slight_smile:

We’ll be back.

1323 is coming

-What can blue do for you?