Whos Going Too Nationals

I want a hook up 4 nationals!!
Any girl thats cool with being with a guy 4 nationals, and possibly longer give anticrombi a call. Hey sometimes i actually think about girls and not a robot ok!:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

The Chief Delphi Dating Game!

What lucky girl is gonna step up to take bachelor number 1?

He likes building robots, building robots, building robots… and well… err… we think he likes other stuff too!

Anton - I think you should get in on this, he’s got the right idea;)

Cumon dude u gotta get in on that, Robots are cool, but Girls are awsome! But seriousley thats not the hormones talking!:stuck_out_tongue:

hey duck: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

yo i wanna meet some men! hook me up duck!!! :smiley: :smiley:

Yay finally after years of struggle First Classifides!!! So anyone who wants to respnd and post an add. LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

My team is not going down to nationals…lol 329…odd number… Anyhow, I was planning on going down myself and a team member from Team 27…(Female, mind you)

thats cool–my team has almost no money, but since we did so well last year we can go to nationals but we have 2 try to fundraise some more $$ :slight_smile:

Waitta minute… Summergal and Antiduck( if you don’t like the nickname just tell me…), you’re on the same team…

And then people yell when I tell them game shows are rigged… hehe…

shh!! dont tell!! nobody noticed!!! lol

Dude i am sry noone on my team is cool or hot so i went serching 4 moire girls, it isnt my fault she found this! But yea, i agree damn game shows, and colette, ur the weekest link Goodby!:rolleyes:

nick ur not the only one who feels that way–no males on the team are hot either, so shutup! ur not cool! bsides, i dont see u trying to get any chics with this thing so its ur own damn fault! :smiley:

He’s Charming, sensual, intelligent, stupid, funny, weird, bites…

First bid for 2 cents.


ps. likes long casual walks around the machine shop with fake ocean sounds in the background.

btw, ken leung and i are already going out. sorry ladieesss…
(sorry john…)


ps. hehe

come on, we already knew that…

i regret to say, that picture is fake!!

I Agree with the rambot on this 1

team 38 had the sexiest robot at the UTC regional!


we sure did :slight_smile:

even Woodie was well… nevermind

Woodie!!! Im sry that name is awsome, When ur a parent u must have some balls too call ur chiald Woody! I think im gonna name someone Frisheta, soo hmm, ok Mark you are now Frisheta!!! only u dont have 4 dif types of Cheez!!:smiley: