Who's gonna win 2007 IRI invitational

Who’s gonna win the 2007 IRI invitational? Will it be an alliance of all ramp bots or an all Canadian Team? Post who you think here and we’ll see whose right, and whose wrong.


Wouldn’t that kinda depend on who gets invited? :stuck_out_tongue:

Of Course, but obviously, if you think that a robot is good enough to win at IRI, that team’ll be invited

I will just say that it won’t be who you would expect.

for example last year

This thread will be a bit more relavant in June than now.
By then we’ll know who’s who and have a good idea who will take the cake.

I’ll be bold and make an early pick.

To quote a wise friend of mine:

“Never bet against Beatty…”

More importantly, who will win the talent contest?

Don’t we know that too well :rolleyes:

Failing them for whatever reason, I’m venturing a look northwards :rolleyes: . But then again, the biggest mistake in my FIRST career as a student was probably that very pick.

ears perk up
cake? chocolate?

Who’s gonna win 2007 IRI invitational

the Indiana Robotics Invitational invitational ???

I once doubted Beatty…just once…then this happened…

…never again will I bet against Beatty

I’ll venture a “pick” (kinda):

Any team wishing to walk away from IRI with a winner’s trophy must either pick or be picked by one of the following teams: 71, 111, 148, 1114.

I’ll venture another prediction: the winning alliance at IRI will record a match score greater than 400 points.

Hmm…with the Algorithm of Death banished for eternity and the overall higher level of quality among the teams most likely to be invited to IRI, I’d guess that even in the quarterfinals, there will be enough talent and strategic skill on both sides of the rack to keep the scoring balanced. 400 points is a whitewash. I’d definitely predict more 100+ to 100+ scores, though.

Now 400+ during qualifying? You bet.

A match score of 400 will be impossible with the teams in attendance. With the quality of invited teams, both offensive and defensive, I cannot see a row of 8 and 7 plus ramps made by an alliance. The tubes will go up extremely fast though. I could see ar ack with maybe only 1-2 legs left at the end.

One or two legs left? There were occasions of 20 tubes scored at Championship. I think we’ll see a full rack at IRI!

I think that 22 tubes were scored in one match in the Newton Eliminations. I remember thinking to myself “man, the rack is going to be completely full with like a minute left on Einstein.”

I was, umm, wrong.

haven’t you been paying attention?

“we’re all winners”…


If 254/968 and 330 show up, I’ll put my money on them.

Has 254 ever come to IRI?

No. But we will be this year if we’re selected.