Who's robot does everything?

I’m just really wondering because our robt does everything and I know we’re not the only ones, and I know some team haves just launching or just dumping, some of them I think are looking pretty cool.

Our robot can corral balls and has a shooter for the center goal. That basically means we have the potential to score in both goals. We can go up the center ramp, and play defense. Is that everything?

Better though, to be awesome at ONE thing, than mediocre at everything…

Ours has all 5. We are still working on it, however, we can

  1. dump balls in corner goal. Up to 20 if necessary.
  2. load via a human player via a hopper
  3. shoot balls in the center goal.
  4. play defense
  5. climb the middle ramp.
    Our robot is only 3 feet high so getting on is not as difficult as some of the other robots I have seen that are like elevators. Our robot moves very quickly since it looks like a boxy bulldozer.

The only problem we anticipate is high shooters shooting over us. But, trying to shoot with a defender actively trying to stop you may be difficult for some.

See the picture gallery for team 359 robot.

Define everything.

We have the ability as well to do pretty much everything, how well will be determined based on how the tweaking goes after the trial run at the winter warzone scrimmage. Also working on a way for the robot to make breakfast after the all niters as well, but thats not going so well

Well anyone can do “everything” in the shop. The question is can you do “everything” on the field with other robots smashing into you with balls that aren’t going to go where yu want when you want with a limited amount of time to do “everything”.
If anyione can answer yes to that you are a bot to be dealt with.

sorry I was too broad, can your robot shoot balls, pick up balls, recieve from humun element, store balls, and dump balls.

what about autonomous mode?

Well, our robot has a shooter for shooting balls into the center goal. Our robot has a spiral for holding up to 25 balls. Our robot has tank tread so we won’t slip when we go up the ramp. Our robot has an aquisitor, modeled off of one from 2000 with the soccer balls, to suck up, and shoot back out balls. Our robot has some shock absorber at the top to cushion balls coming in from human loader. Our robot has bumpers. DOn’t know about autonomous.
Our status however is that of running, not necessarily working.
Today we shot in seven balls without missing once from about 15 feet, so nothing is optimized. Plus the grass on top doesn’t really work, if anything it makes the balls more bouncy, but theres always tomorrow. and the Thursday of the our first regional.

Our robot can do basically everything, dump in autonomous, fire high in autonomous (untested), shoot high, shoot low, gather, and get up the ramp (we need a little push, but it doesn’t take much to get over. We incorporated the camera and gyro, and have a holonomic drivetrain. :slight_smile:

If I understand your version of everything, the tasks listed above in the third post, correctly then yes we do everything. Whats more we use only four motors to do everything. :slight_smile: However as stated above, normally it’s the ones who do specialized tasks extremely well who dominate but I’m not sure if that is the case this year.

In theory, ours can do everything.

With a few more lines of code (I’d say less than 70), our robot will do everything (the only thing we can’t do at the moment is dump balls into corner goals, and that is purely because of software).

We can shoot and pick up balls from the ground. That’s it, plain and simple. We cut the ball dump mechanism from the original design because we are no longer using pneumatics and really couldn’t afford the extra weight, and we never included a way for human players to load balls in our robot because we believe it would be ineffective for our team (we have never used humans to directly place scoring objects on a robot, we’ve always had the robot pick them up). We were hoping the robot would climb the ramp from simply existing, it didn’t, so we decided we’ll just not bother with it.

We just hope we shoot well.

Ya sure it can do all. On the field…well we never really tried…or had it running long enough, or even had a field for that matter.We are quite space constrained…may have to bribe the gym teachers with some chili…

Our robot only picks can pick up balls from the floor and from human players. we preffer the floor. We can only dump on the side goals though. We have working autonomous modes. We are also a very good defensive robot. We attended a pre-shipping event @ SWAMP’s and we did all we thought we could do.

Ours should be able to shoot for both the high and low goals and get up on the center ramp.

I heard about a team that had one that can do everything:

It can score in the center goal, if it’s partner lifts it up 2 feet (it can’t quite shoot that high).

It can score in the low goals, but the balls don’t quite go in. So it dumps them on the floor, then it’s partner pushes them in for them.

It climbs the ramp, but yeah… the ramp is steep; so it needs a boost from it’s partner.

It picks up off the ground, but not very well if the balls are moving, so it works best if it’s partner can shove them into it’s mouth.

It can accept balls from the human player, but they bounce out a lot, so typically it would have the human players bounce them off it’s partner, and into it’s mouth.

None of this has been tested, and the robot isn’t really driving yet… but there is still time.

Truly an incredible machine. The exact definition of coopertition.
Does everything; no problem.


I’m just really wondering because our robt does everything and I know we’re not the only ones, and I know some team haves just launching or just dumping, some of them I think are looking pretty cool.

Really, can it make me some pasta?

1568’s bot can:

  1. score in center
  2. score in corner (but we don’t all the time, but we could)
  3. human player load, but rely on our pick up mechanism
  4. go up the ramp, something i think was a problem at the UTC scrimmage and i didnt see much of it happen at quincy
  5. play defense, our bot (yet to be named) is a rock