Who's robot is this?

Does anyone claim this to be their robot? Or does anyone know what team it belongs to? I’d like to use this picture in a whitepaper if the owner is willing to give me permission to do so. Thanks.


1501 i beleive

It looks to be.

yeah it looks like 1501, distinctive because of the rivets in the chassis

another angle:

Yep - judging from this picture I found on their site, it seems to be the same robot.

EDIT: whoops, y’all beat me to it. :eek:

yes that is 1501’s robot!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

wow…its beautiful!

That thing was amazing to watch in a match, it was very well thought out before they built it.

Yes, that is Team 1501’s robot. I’ll pass the information on and get you your permission. Shouldn’t be a problem.
Fun facts:

  1. The robot was 10 pounds under weight. A first for us.
  2. There were 1749.5 rivets.
  3. The total weight of the arm, less air cylinder, was 23 pounds :ahh:

whoa… neat. but um… how do you get half a rivet?

whoa… neat. but um… how do you get half a rivet?

When we were building the arm we had to drill holes to mount the HPDE slides. It just happened we had a bolt hole coincident with a rivet hole. The .125" rivet was too long to fit because it would hit the bolt. We separated the rivet from the brad, cut it in half, and reinserted the brad. We than put it in the rivet gun and drew it up tight. Thus we have a half rivet in our robot :slight_smile:
Good catch.

What is your white paper about?

Sure no problems, you can use the picture. There might be better higher quailty ones on our websites. If you find them go ahead.

Here is a nice video from Boilermaker :slight_smile:
Video Link

I haven’t gotten around to putting the final touches and uploading it. The paper is a generic example of a simple/basic static equilibrium analysis on a typical FIRST robot (at least from that game).

Now how many rivets do you think we will ahve this year :-D…

Now how many rivets do you think we will have this year
The only person who knows this answer is me and I’m not telling NE1 :stuck_out_tongue:
We will once again be giving away an LED badge for the person who can guess the closest number of rivets.
Last year we had 7 people guess 1501. We had only one person guess some other number and he got the first badge. We had to throw the other 7 in a hat and pick out the other 4 winners.

1,234.5 rivets

did you guys win the Photogenic award

did you guys win the Photogenic award

Unfortunately, no :frowning:
Every time someone took a picture, our robot would reflect back the flash and white out the pic :smiley:

1000 posts. Woohoo