Who's Staying Where?

Disclaimer: I did search for if a thread like this was posted, and none have. So yeah. I apologize if it has, and I didn’t find it. Don’t bash me for it.

So, to all teams going to Atlanta, where are you all planning on staying? We’re booked for Amerisuites. How many of your team are planning on attenting the Championship event?

If we get the money in time, we want to stay at the Westin, looks really nice.

Congratulations to Dorienne Plait, winner of the author of the most replies to a non-chit chat thread this year at the webhug :smiley: :rolleyes:

Anyone who was at the championships last year will get that…

Elaborate…I’m quite confused.

last year one of the awards given out at the webhug was “User who created the non chit-chat thread that generated the most replies” and this same thread won

Ah I see. haha. Wonder if it’ll win this year…

Easily. It’ll picl up steam in late March and early April.

After a bit of wrangling with THS- team 25 is again at the Omni. It is THE place to be.

WC :cool:

^Nice to tell us first Cokeley :rolleyes:

But yahhh!!! The omni is really amazing, it was soo much fun last year, i expect it to be even more popular this year.

BTW Cokeley-I love Mrs. Cokeley-hahahaha.

The Omni was awesome last year, except for one thing that made people a little angry…staying on a middle floor. Trying to get on the elevators sucked because they were always full of people going up and always full of people going down. Parties often got split up who were staying on middle floors. Trying to leave the morning after nationals was also pretty hectic.

Again, Sparky 384 is pleased to announce we have booked our rooms, and we are at the Omni again! Hope to see all of our good team frieds (388, 365, 111, etc) there again, oh yeah, we also get FREE INTERNET!


Team 75 didn’t attend nats last year. This year we are though! We will be staying at the Omni Hotel! The rooms are already booked.

I wanted to stay at the Omni… but as of last night wednesday is sold out and there’s very few rooms thurs/fri/sat, so we’ll see.

We will be staying Embassy Suites. They were really nice and I like that there were two TV’s in the rooms so we were able to have a Halo tournament. Of course it will be Halo 2 this year. It is right next to the Omni so I guess its almost the place to be.

Looks like 45 is in the Omni again this year.
Omni is great… Those minor negatives are completely outweighed by the positives… :slight_smile:

Team #254 will be at the Embassy Suites :slight_smile:

I wish I knew where my team was staying. Ah well. I’ll find out soon enough.

I guess we are going for the same hotel that we stayed at last year (the Westin)… Hee hee, Gotta love those elevators! :smiley: The higher up you were, the more fun it was! The tiny rooms were a downside though.

As far as i know MOE will be crashing at the Omni again. Hopefully we wont be as split up as last year… we had rooms between floor 8 and the 2nd highest floor.

By the way, the CNN tour [guided] is really good! Make sure to make reservations for it in advance though. Another good trip if you get to Atlanta early, is to Stone Mountain [our group hiked] or The World of Coke museum. [Self guded tour [reccomend reservations] with unlimited free soda samples at the end. Try the the Beverly from Italy!:smiley: We even got a MOE button onto the sodajerk.]

As far as I know, I’m bumming on a street corner unless I get a group of college kids to go in on a hotel room with me. Any takers? :rolleyes: