Who's still alive?? I am!!

It’s been what (as the search function shows me) since March since I’ve shown face in here. So who’s still alive and around? If anyone from 401’s on, big ups yourself. If any of the old IRC kids are around…I’m not surprised, what’s up? Maybe Lavery will see this. If so: sorry man, I’m too poor for KK now, and I’m 30 pounds lighter for it. How about Ken Leung? I took that year off I promised, maybe I’m back.

So for those kids who love music and love FIRST, here’s a career idea: sound engineering. Right on.

I live in California now, so maybe there’s room for me on a team near Oakland/Emeryville, CA. Is there one in Berkeley? Maybe those San Jose kids will harass me. I know you’re around Gold brothers.

[edit] I can’t believe this picture is still here (pink hair) [/edit]

HOLY COW!! Welcome back… lol

I was looking through all my old CD e-mails and you posted in some of the old threads I was looking at.

I was getting all nostalgic, and wondering if any of the old posters on CD would come back.

You came back!! Muwhahahaha… err… I mean… Welcome back. :slight_smile:

So if you’re too poor for Krispy Kremes does that mean you are no longer the Krispy Kreme Prince (and the heir to Dave’s throne)?

Welcome back!


I’m not.

Your reinitiation task is to go into the 80-100% polycarbonate robot thread and answer this post: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showpost.php?p=307738&postcount=22

thanks joe i was just about to say somehting about my thread.

And he can’t say he doesn’t know about it because it is in his who-I-am picture.

Hey Adam. :slight_smile: