Who's Submitting a Safety Animation This Year?

We are. Good practice for the AVA.

Can’t wait to see the other entries!

Team 1504 is planning on submitting, it will be our first attempt at animation and I for one am very excited!

I think 166 is working on it… not sure

I’m not on animation.

We’re considering it, but our animation pledges don’t become animation reality too often. I’m looking forward to it if it materializes.

We were, but I think that sort of fell through. Our animation team can’t get together long enough, or have the time to do it alone. (at least I don’t) At least we haven’t started yet and twelve days is not long enough to do it in our current situation.

You should give it a try, Luke.

We (Team 342) won the Safety Animation contest last year, even though we only had access to computers on Saturday mornings. Because of severe time constraints we had no background scenery or character animation.

Some of the other entries looked much better than ours, and were a lot more creative. I think that plays a much bigger part in the Autodesk Visualization Award.

I suppose we won because we focused on real-world safety, and the overall theme: “Care Enough to Act”.

good luck!