Who's that Pokemon?! - Team 1771 Teaser


Unlike last year, when we showed up at regional without a robot, one of two of these robots is already done.


In all seriousness, i see what im guessing to be pneumatic wheels…

I spy a mecanum wheel intake. :wink:

Lol, this is awesome, guys!

Mecanum? Nah, vacuum powered electro-magnet of course!

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After the vacuum amazingness that 1771 pulled off in 2008, I wouldn’t put it past you.

Its one of the few things in FIRST I hope to see every year.

It’s either blastoise or sloking. Oh it’s a robot?! Then I’d guess that it would be… Dozer, him or maybe a roomba.

Is there any other way I can see this? Id love to take a look, but our base of operations (school computer lab) blocks everything and anything, which includes imgur based items. Sorry if there is any inconvenience.

See attached file.

Out of curiosity, how does your team view the kickoff or other media, if it is blocked? See if you can get an administrator/teacher account for use of the robotics team…

Lucky for us not everything is blocked, but most of it is. Any social media, much of youtube. It hinders progress, yes, but we have learned to live with it. For a while we couldnt even post on this, and there still are a few that cant…

Is it magikarp!?!?!?
More importantly, can it use splash?

Also, Thanks much for posting the photo. I appreciate it greatly. It looks great, well, from what I can see.

I can personally guarantee that, when thrown in sufficiently deep water, there will be a splash.

and in its current state it should actually float.


We plan to use our robot as a flotation device for other robots, to traverse the moat.