Who's the Best Team in the North East?

Hi everyone. With battlecry just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to see what everyone thought was the best team in the Northeast (besides yourself of course). After all Battlecry consists of all the Northeastern Allstars. This list of poll answers is what I think are some of the best teams in the northeast.

Please vote for what team you think is the best (but dont vote for your own team please). If you dont see a team listed please include them in a post.

personally i think 157’s bot was really great, or that might just be because my robot worked really well with them and we always won together and got out highest score with them in florida

Thanks for making us at least a choice!

We’re definitely the team that’s most NORTH-EAST!

Were up in Vermont… (Yes, it is a state; no, it’s not part of southern New Hampshire :wink: )

Well anyways, just thought that we’re not doing too bad for a rookie…

So long, Phil

I think there are way to many teams in the northeast that are good to pin it down to one. Especally if your talking team , not robot which changes from year to year. If you really think about it there always seems to be one northeast team in thick of it, and its usually not the same one, in 99 it was 176 Aces high, In 2000 it was definately CHAOS 131 and 25, In 2001 The Bobcats 177 were up there, and 125 from Northeastern was the Champs, this Year Rage 173 was champs, but 121,311,25 were up there.
If your thinking longest Running team 191 and 190 are 11 year Vets, and I know 151, and 131 have competed for 10 years. I’m sure theres others.

My Vote for best TEAM in the noreast goes to GaelForce 126, they always have a great bot, and are wicked friendly.

My Favorite team in the northeast is 319 Alton Central

Just my Thoughts

Chris Team 151
The Wildcards
3rd Place Curie 02

This is a very hard question to answer. Unfortunately I answered before reading the last few sentences of your post (but it doesn’t really matter, ne ways).

69 (Team H.Y.P.E.R): Excellent driving and really good strategy

88 (TJ²): Smart driving and good strategy

95 (GrassHoppers): The greatest “ball collecter” I have seen this year.

121 (Islanders): The “hybrid.” 'nuff said

126 (Gael Force): Good ball bot.

157 (Aztechs): Really awesome team and a robot that quickly earned the rank of “hybrid.”

175 (BUZZ): One of the top 5 ball collectors this year.

190 (WPI): CVT! CVT!

After making these comments, I realize that it is a very hard (and probably impossible) task to choose one which would be considered the best. Each robot has its own area in which it outshines the rest and areas where it doesn’t even make a scratch. But…since I have to choose one, I will go with 157.

I will submit my final answer after WPI, but for now it has to be us.

I voted for 121, having been eliminated by them twice in the elimination rounds. And once when we were with 173.

But Ogre’s right: the true test of the Northeast teams will be at WPI…Can’t wait for a third crack at the Islanders:)

And 885 was a pretty good rookie team…hey phil…any chance i could get a shirt? I’ll trade a shirt, socks, even Lee’s spare pin…(well, maybe not the pin…)

hey even though We Won’t be @ battlecry III, I would have to say we are a Major contendor for the best north east team around so as one sided it is my vote is going to (3 teams) team 25 raider robotix, team 303 panther robotics and team 175 buzz robotics

and thats all i have to say about that

Right now it is like you said that the true best team in the Northeast won’t be reveiled till Battlecry. However, I think there are some dark horses in the running.
The Dark Horses
Team 42 PARTS (Has placed in the top 8 at the UTC Regional and awesome at defense)
Team 140 Pride First Tyngsboro High School(My pals the tigers they are in my opinion the best two goal grabber in the Northeast watch them for yourself)
Team 303 Panther Robotics(Really strong robot see above for 140)
Anyways I feel like these teams were really being overshadowed when really it is going to be these teams as alliance partners that makes teams like (69,88, 95,121, 126, 157,173, 175,and 190) the great robots they are today.

I voted for Buzz. They have a great bot, maybe not THE best but among the top. As a team they are incredible, we choose them at UTC and their team was rooting for us with their Big Smiley faces and it was great!

Rage has an awesome robot, we saw them at LI, UTC and the Nats. I can’t wait for Battlecry!

Team 95 are obviously the best ball Picker-uppers, but as an all over ball-bot I believe 121 is fantastic. we were allied with them at the recent Rally in the Valley (RITV) and we played against them in the Finals there. They are a very good bot, but I can’t wait to see them again at Battlecry because at the finals at RITV we had some mechanical trouble caused by weight reduction at UTC. They are fantastic!

We have been allied with the Aztechs and I like their team alot! I would also like to say that team 88 (TJ^2) has a very nice machine as well!

Team 271 “All Your Off-Season Comp are belong to us”

Don’t everyone forget about that team from Philly, 357. They rocked the whole country. Kickin some butt in texas… we showed everyone how its done in Philly… Who else got the Driving Tomorrows Technology award in Florida? grin Two years ago, we received nothing and made no finals… last year… we received nothing… and made no finals… this year… we made finals in two regionals, finals at nationals, and recieved the Delphi award. Big step up, next year you’re all in trouble… :rolleyes:

They all are very cool in thier own way so there is no way I can decide!!

But hey, Don’t forget us, the T.R.I.B.E. Team 237 - Sie-H20-Bots from H2o-Town CT!!! UTC champs in 2000 and NYC Champs in 2002. We can’t take all the credit though, we had some great alliances those two years.

BTW, we will be at Battlecry to come and play!

See you there!!!

Now if this question is just about this year then 173 RAGE, and 175 BUZZ are definitely the best Northeast robots out there. 157 AZTECHS were an amazing team this year, but thats no surprise. And you have to love 126 Gael Force. The Wildcard from 151 were also an amazing team.
Now if this question is about Northeast teams past to present then here is my list.

1.) 126 Gael Force

2.) 175 BUZZ/ 131 CHAOS

3.) 157 AZTECHS

4.) 190 WPI

5.) 173 RAGE

6.) 151 Wildcards

7.) 95 Grasshoppers/ 121 Islanders

8.) 88 TJ/ 69 HYPER

There are so many teams in the Northeast, these are just the ones that popped into my head at this moment. This is my outlook on the Northeast. I beleive its true that the Northeast has the top teams in F.I.R.S.T.

personally, i think that 175 and 121 are the best on that list. i think that my team (271) deserves a spot on that list, we did pretty well this year, we made it to the semi finals at long island (13th seed) and new haven(6th seed), and division newton finalists at nationals (2nd seed) plus we have beaten almost all of those teams up there. all those teams up there are pretty well known, we are try hard to get our name out there and be known. i guess it’s starting to work alittle.

are you just not counting long island as north east? because 311 isn’t up there and they made it to the last finals match of nationals.

You guys have a great team, and so does 311. But I don’t think people are just talking about this year (not saying this was your only good year). Because I know that some teams on that list didn’t have a great year this time around. Yet they have always been at the top of FIRST throughout their existance. Having one good year is something to build upon so you can have one of the great teams of FIRST. Also alot of the teams listed have been in FIRST over six years. Some even for 11 years (190, 126) and some for 10 years (131, 151). The teams that have been around for awhile are the ones to look at. Remember FIRST isn’t just about building robots. It’s about spreading the word about science and technology. Now look at this years Regional Chairman’s award winners : 121 NYC, 131 UTC, 175 Mid Atlantic, and NATIONAL CHAIRMAN’S AWARD!!! If we have more teams like that, FIRST (which we do) will never die out.

By the way great job at Rally in the Valley. You sure took care of us (131, 151)in semis. You guys are going strong, keep the success story alive!!

Of the list, for machine I pick 121. Having played against them in the nationals and barely escaping with our lives I can say from experience that they have a great machine and a well structured team.

For team itself both Buzz and TJ2 fill the bill- both teams with great spirit and attitude. Both have good robots but, in my opinion, not surpassing Rhode Warriors.

However the question above should probably be- who is the best team/robot at Battlecry? As I see it the list is a bit short and a bit biased…


Buzz rocks!!! they had an awesome robot and a great team. i’m really glad we got to team up together at UTC and also happy of playing against them at the nationals. Overall 175 is the best team out there (in my opinion), there were also some other great robots such as 157 aztechs (played w/ them at LI, great guys and brilliant machine), 121 (can’t wait to see you at WPI), 716(their 2nd year and made it all the way to the division finals at Nats), and of course my dawgs of 271!!! we rocked this year!!!..

“All your off season comp are belong to us”

I can’t Believe you left out team 61. we have been in this long and you do not know us.

:confused: :frowning: :mad:

how can i forget the the Tuff Robot winners!! i’m kinda sad we never got to play against each other though i would have love to show you our track power ;). hope to c u guys soon!


I also like 121, there’s nothing like picking up 40 balls in 30 seconds.