Who's the happiest team?

Yay! Who’s the happiest team? And why?

Rainbows and flowers, bunnies, rabbits, HAPPY!

Team 1860.
At New Jersey they were just ecstatic to be there.
There drives team was dancing between matches! Most drives teams are thinking of things like winning matches and strategy to just bouncing around like you drank a case of Red Bull.
They were overjoyed when they won matches and award but I think they were even more overjoyed to be in American doing FIRST.

365, aka MOE. at pittsburgh i don’t think they were ever quiet. they were always cheerful, always dancing…nobody could keep up with them it was like they were all on some energy drink or something…and they were definitely always happy. even when they lost in the semifinals (sorry guys!), they kept cheering for everybody.

Ramtech 59. It was great having them back at the Florida Regional again this year, I could hear them all day back in the pits dancing and cheering.

Team 116. Why? They have Dave Lavery, photoshop, a talented photoshopper (MissInformation), and lots of pictures of him. A recipe for happiness!

That is a really good question and i do not know the answer. But if I had to choose id say that throughout the years i’ve been involved and all that, that the Thunderchickens are quite happy all the time. But alot of teams are really happy so who knows.


At the moment i think Team 75 is b/c we just won our second EI award this year

I have got to give happy props to 537. If the cheering from Wisconsin is not happy, I don’t know what is…

Well, if you go by t-shirt I think it is clear who the happiest team is :slight_smile: not to mention our Chesapeake bay spirit which was a new for us (not just happiness over our win, but better spirit all around), and our cheering at BAE. But enough about our mascot. :slight_smile:

But it’s harder to be happy when you don’t win. 1100 seemed pretty happy all season, even when they lost. 399 was very happy (those guys most have been cold!), 181 was loud, that’s for sure. 126 was happy, 571 was happy.

The best way to have fun is to be happy no matter what the result.

Here is another happy team: 1784

They were in the winning alliance at the Winter Warzone Scrimmage. Their robot was very reliable and I don’t think it needed much work in the pits. They made the quarter finals at UTC NE. They were the Rookie All Stars at NE and they seemed to be smiling all the time (all six of them :smiley: )

Team 100 - I see the hats everywhere…

My rainbows and bunnies and marshmallows and whatnot go to team 812. They yell, jump, and dance… A LOT.

I dont know who is happiest this year but last year it had to be Team 67 Champions and Championship chairmans award winners, the simply excel at every aspect of First and that is something to be happy about.

There are many teams that seam very high energy and so it is hard to chose the hapyest team

I’m gloomy.:frowning:

I saw them at Philadelphia and Atlanta and I have to agree with this.

Thank you, MOE is happy because we around many great teams and people while at the competitions and that attitude just spreads to all of us. It is a fun time why not enjoy it to its fullest, and who needs to be able to speak after a competition anyway? :slight_smile:

Buzz robotics of course :slight_smile:

Agreed. Just look at their logo. 'Nuff said.

i have to whore my own team, 537, as being the happiest, definatly durring this year at milwaukee. because we had nearly our entire 40+ member team there our cheering section was a force to be dealt with. Then of course, winning the regional championship made us pretty darn happy too. my voice was gone for a full week after all the yelling and cheering i did with the team there.