who's the next idol

Down to 2, would is the next idol going to be.
Bo or Carrie

I hoped Carrie would win but I’m thinking it is going to be Bo. If he does as well tonight as he did last week, he is the definite winner. His piece last week without any music was really good. When Bo is good, he is really good, but he is not always good. I have seen him be really horrible a couple times. But then again the other day on the Today show Kelly Clarkson was so bad (surprising) that I could have sworn it must not have been her. Carrie is good and consistent but she is too stiff on the stage. Not animated enough.

I like how good Bo is sometimes, but I like that Carrie is pretty good all the time.

I hate reality TV, but I have to comment after seeing tonight’s performances. I must must MUST say that Bo is amazing, and I love his voice. It’s unique, and he can really pull off doing many genres of music. He can do rock, oldies, soul, etc. It’s really interesting. He has style, and he has the “if you don’t like it, don’t bother trying to change me” attitude. He is who he is.

Carrie just can’t hit certain notes. It hurts sometimes when she goes strong and loud on higher notes. When she did “I Feel Like a Woman” a week or two ago, I wanted to strangle the judges for giving her good feedback. She just wasn’t on key, and she just sounded so wrong for that song. Tonight, she was bad, and ended slightly okay. She is good, but not for the songs she’s singing. Carrie also needs to REALLY work on her range and key. It just gets SO bad.

Overall, I say BO BO BO.

Although I hate the long-haired hippy he’s got going ;), I’m going to have to say I like Bo a tad better. Carries good also, so I think that if she wins she’s also deserving.

Yep, so Bo it is.

In my opinion i think that Carrie cannot sing at all. She sounds like she just started singing right before the competition. I do no t like her at all. Bo on the other hand is awesome. I love the way he sings. He will win. He won when, i think it was the owner of the record company that the “idol” will be signing to, said that he is looking forward to making his album.

Bo will win.

Im going to stick with the BAMA boy.
But carrie can sing Country.
BO Has my vote

Although Carrie is an amazing singer, Bo is so much better. Plus he is from Bham, just like Ruben. He will win.