Who's Who?!

At regionals - do you think we should use a piece of duct tape on ourselves and write our name so we know who’s from CD.com?

I plan on doing this - and I don’t know yet what regionals I plan on attending…

I’ve always tried to meet people from CD.com - but it kinda gets wild and I can’t always rember the WAI pics.

What do you think? Go or no go?

Please put your REAL name and your cheifdelphi.com name on so we know who you are!! I’m the same for both! (Thanks Wayne!)

Right ARM - Your Cheifdelphi.com Name

LEFT arm - your REAL name. (Thanks Fruity!!)

Sounds like a great idea =]

I’m game.

sounds good. might as well actually meet some people other than all my nerd friends.

you should say what regional you are going to be at as well. anyone else going to vegas?

I’m game.
We should probably put the tape in the same place so we are easier to spot.
Put your real name and your CD name. Mine is the same for both :smiley:
I’ll be at the Boilermaker and hopefully Atlanta.

I’m thinking --right arm, CD name --left arm , real name

and if your name is the same for both, on your left arm put :see other arm::

I’m up for it. I’m about 5 feet tall so I may need a picket sign instead of tape though. I’ll be at the Peachtree Regional.

Before it gets lost - keep this in mind fellow Cd.com-ers!!


There were some ideas like this thrown around last year for championships. Alex Pelan had the suggestion of nametags and Erin Rapacki thought that buttons without names would also be interesting.

I’m personally a fan of the classic “dye your hair a bright color” form of identification. :smiley:

I think this is a really great idea. Although, its kinda nice knowing that your WAI is effective and people really can identify you from your picture. I know last year, a couple people said hi to me and recognized me from my WAI, and it made me happy that they actually remembered me.

Greg Ross has made a cool name tag in the past years for the Web Hug at Championships.

2004: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?p=240129&highlight=tag#post240129
2005: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?p=245461&highlight=tag#post245461

If I get a few minutes, I’ll see if I can’t make an easily printable page that shows the info he had in his name tag. That way, you can go to the URL, print, laminate, or do whatever you want to make a nametag. :wink:

I’ll be wearing my LED name tag I got last year.

steve do you really need a name tag? won’t your hair just give you away! :smiley:

We always got name tags for everyone on our team, to make it easier for everyone to socialize.

Isnt that half the reason for going to regionals?

I’ll be wearing my Wildstang name tag and whatever volunteer tag they give me. No need for alias, I am Al Skierkiewicz

I’ll probably have my blue “I found NEMO” button on… But since I am the world’s worst at remembering people’s names, it helps if you approach someone and say, “Hey, I’m [insert username here] on ChiefDelphi and I recognize you!”

That would be wicked sweet.


Im gonna wear my cool hat again with the paper inserted testifying “Cuog the programmer” again(i wore it to DC Skrimage if anyone saw me) to see if people want my help again.

dont be afraid to call me cuog instead of Alex tho if you meet me i go by both just as often

I’m real easy to spot.
Picture a 50 year old man with a gray beard, a long black wig, black/white/red BDU pants, a tie died t-shirt and a blue smock over the shirt :ahh:
That’s me :slight_smile:


It’s that time!!

:smiley: :eek: