Whose IR board is working?

Whose IR board is working?
Also, what regional(s) do you plan on attending? Just trying to get an idea of how the percentage of IR Boards that are inoperable will affect game play.

We got our IR board and controller all decked out, but so far hybrid mode will most likely be just auto mode doing lap(s) rather than using the IR. We should be able to get a minimum of 4 points and possibly 8 each match just doing a lap autonomously.

As far as I know our IR board was never not working, and we are planning on using it to remove a ball at the start of the matches at SVR.

just a side question, how many IR boards did everyone receive in December?:confused:

Our IR works flawlessly and will be doing laps at the Los Angeles Regional

Ours has always worked, so I guess we are one of the lucky teams from what I have heard and read.

Our IR board was working the whole season UNTIL the day before we shipped, and it seemed it wasn’t getting power. We checked all the wiring, it was all correct (to the best of our knowledge, and the kid who wired it was not there that day.) After about half an hour of practicing hurdling, however, it started blinking the LED for input 2 to no end, but there was no signal being input to it. At this point, we’re hopeful we can troubleshoot it at the Kettering Rookie Invitational, and if not, we’re not going to do much during hybrid, since we don’t have sensors (why don’t they listen to me?)…

Ours works, although it’s only ever been used for about 5 minutes on the robot and we followed the recommendation in team update 10 (added switch for the power of the board). And if it breaks, currently all we’ll lose is the ability to stop our robot since ball removal hasn’t been finished yet (I have a lot of work to do during our fix-it window tomorrow!)

Both of our IR boards are working well, as long as we keep them plugged in firmly… :rolleyes:

our IR board currently is not working.

Our IR board worked perfectly up until the Saturday before ship day when we started experiencing the problems that were described in Team Update #10. Our electrical engineering mentors were able to fix it pretty easily just by reflashing the firmware with a homemade programming cable.

There was another rookie team (2583) who’s board died a day after ours, and we helped them fix it as well.

There’s supposed to be reprogramming available on Thursday from 12-2pm at Lone Star this year, but if anyone else needs their board reprogrammed at a later time during the regional (Lone Star), feel free to come ask 2158 for assistance, and we can reprogram it!

Team 647 may take you up on that offer. Good luck at Lone Star, even when your on the opposing alliance.

team 457 is working and we r planning on attending the florida and nats

Team 1123’s IR Board works, and allows us to cross the lines; knock off balls. Only problem is that 15 seconds is to short to fully use the IR board. Good luck to everyone at VCU tomorrow!

Our IR board is mounted on the robot. But was not working when the robot was shipped. So yeah. Our team is going to the Long Island Regional.

We never mounted, probably never will, we found it easier to use a camera that was donated to us with code, so instead of writing new for the IR broad we just modified an old one. (I think, the code modification was a work in progress, and we still don’t have a cammeria in our hands :rolleyes: )

Well, we cooked ours yesterday. It was screwed down onto the frame of the arm, much too tight, and the pins punctured the thin layer of electrical tape we had. So white smoke came out. Probably not good.

I wish I had been around to make a wish.