Why are people still using Chief Delphi?

Congratulations on your first post. Do you have suggestions for improvement? What platform would be a batter, completely open gathering place for us?


i like the gifs, honestly


Gotta argue about mentor-built robots on Twitter instead of CD, got it


A lot of the student population is on Discord these days, which is cool too. For awhile, CD has been where the diehard alumni and mentors like to hang out. Not everyone uses the same social network.

There’s not just one market segment here, nor should there be. Not everyone feels they fit in with every community, and there’s only so much we can do to combat that.


With multiple platforms each to their own. I find Reddit lacking with up to date FRC stuff. As for Discord, I don’t particularly like the way it works seems too busy with disjointed topics. Sometimes a traditional bulletin board style is good to separate topics and not feel like you have to work at a post ever 5 seconds. Discord also tends to have a lot of ghost topics no one ever visits.

Just because young people use something does not make it better for the purpose. Many of these platforms are meant to be places parents don’t go… see snapchat. Many Parents don’t go because they simply don’t find value in it or care about it.

Its sort of like bashing HBO for Netfllix -or- NY Times for CNN

A silly argument

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Welcome, and congrats on your first post. A number of your points confused me.

Hold on for a second and consider what FIRST is actually doing. They are quite active on Instagram, which is the main social media platform I use. I am sure they have a good presence on Twitter as well. But as far as reaching a wider audience? They were on the front page of Twitch for heaven’s sake. What more do you want them to do? Looking at Chief Delphi and using it to call FIRST bad at publicizing is just insincere. This was not, is not, and probably will never be an official mode of FIRST communication. It’s just a community forum. I don’t understand what your issue with it is.

As others have mentioned, there are other avenues to interact with the FIRST community. The FRC discord and subreddit are both options. As a nonexistent student who uses CD, I’ve personally found that CD tends to have more potential for useful/educational discussions. The FRC Reddit is pretty much just memes. Which is not a problem, it’s just not something that I’d turn to when I want to learn. and the discord has channels for technical discussions but I personally believe the forum format (where discussions are more easily visible for a longer time) is superior than the real-time messaging format (where it’s a bit harder to look back at previous discussions and learn from them).

I originally joined CD to learn. It has definitely served that purpose. I get to talk to many of FRC’s greats (teams and individuals), ask questions and see their answers. I know it’s easy to get bogged down in the toxicity of many of the “political” debates on this site (
– mentor built, districts vs regionals, and other random discussions that somehow devolve into passive aggressiveness. Frankly the community that is there for people with technical questions is still there.

What’s wrong with it being more heavily populated with mentors and alumni? It means I get a more direct line to more experienced people. Can’t complain about that!

I remember posting my first CAD project – a relative simple gearbox. The responses in the thread were overwhelmingly helpful and supportive, and I that helped me continue to improve my skills to the point where I more or less CADed our entire robot this year. Original thread: pic: 6.25:1 Gearbox (First Attempt) - 2 2019 robot: https://grabcad.com/library/frc3082-2019-season-robot-3

So what I’m saying is, the community is there if you look. Oh, and calling it badly designed is pretty low; it’s run by a small group of people who are doing it for free. Actually it’s largely one person, Brandon Martus.

What does this even mean? How can a culture be “behind”? Honest question. The robotics meme culture is very strong and I can’t think of anything more representative of modern culture than memes.

Here’s my question to you – what should FIRST and CD change? Chief Delphi is great at complaining about everything without any consideration for what can be changed, so your post fits right in. But I don’t think that’s constructive so let’s make something out of this.

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Wait, is CD mentor built?


I for one wasn’t sure the switch from vbs to the current look and feel was for the better, but it’s grown on me. I see far more topics this way vs the traditional forum layout. So the comment about the horrible web layout confuses me as this is just how discourse exists for any organization that uses it. It’s more mobile friendly than the old vbs was, tell you what.

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It can’t be that badly designed; seems like almost anyone can figure out how to make an account and post on it. See you next year.


I still use CD because I’m an old geezer. No one else on my team uses it, but they haven’t been on the team nearly as long as I have.

My guess is that anything that requires a deep look, just can’t make it in the modern sound bite driven world.


[1] I mean I guess you’re entitled to your opinion, but I’m also entitled to tell you that you’re just wrong. The new Discourse software is working great.

I think people cling to it just as they would Facebook. It keeps us in touch with people we consider friends/acquaintances (which by all intents and purposes is everyone on CD, as we’re all here for the same thing: ROBOTS!). CD is OUR Social media platform. It’s how we, as people involved in FRC, can directly interact with each other. I know my friends not involved in robots would rather me not clog their timelines with rants about G20s.

[2] I think the younger generation HAS Evolved. The FRC Discord server, which is dominated and run mostly by people under the age of 21, is the “new age” in my opinion. I used to think it was pretty frickin’ stupid, but its started to grow on me and I certainly see why the younger generation would be drawn to that sort of platform. I have started to frequent BOTH platforms, and I think it’s cool how the younger generation HAS adapted and created a platform for themselves. ((Don’t let this go to your heads you hooligans :wink: Chief Delphi is still better))


Hi @adam77, welcome to CD.
People use CD because the forum format is user friendly, and because there are a lot of smart, helpful people here. It is still in use because just like you have (hopefully) learned in robotics… there is more than one right way to do something.

^^ Also the reason FIRST persists.

Take care!


Which website do you prefer to ChiefDelphi? Is there currently a FIRST community on that website? Is it the same quality and does it fulfill the same niche as CD.

Also, proposing sweeping changes when you first enter a community is often not looked on nicely.

Could you be more specific? Is there any way that FIRST has been out of touch with you that led you to not participate in the program?

The website was literally updated to brand new software in January. Where’s the problem?

It’s time to kill The Blue Alliance, Snapchat is way more popular with the kids!


Again, does not make it better ( I get you were kidding in jest)…

Lesson time: kids need to learn how to do adult stuff and interact with adult systems…the millennials et all need to learn more than they were given to competing in real life it isn’t all touch “consumer/consumption” interfaces. New is not always better and the places they will work prefer stable and secure legacy for good reasons.

Not understanding what’s wrong with CD as a student.


Be careful bringing up Snapchat on these forums.


Nothing here but a troll IMO.

Team numbers in sig don’t exist.


Based on this and some other information available to us mods, I’m calling a troll a troll. We’re done here.