Why are the videos on TBA cut off at the end game

I been looking at a few of our matches from the Minnesota 10K Lakes Regional. It seems that every match cuts off with 30 seconds left of the match. Is there a copy writes reason for this?

Several matches at LA don’t start until about 5 seconds into autonomous, so it may just be a timing issue or settings in a splitting program.

I have noticed this as well. I hope someone that would know responds.

Its probably just a timing issue or something of that nature as the match videos start well before the match starts and then ends before the match ends.

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Do your match videos have that problem here?

The match videos are cut out of a constant stream, so it’d be a video splitting problem.

Yes, same issue.

Check the original Twitch stream here:

and here:

These can be found for all Regional events linked from:
Then the webcast links at the top of the event page.

If I had to guess, this is because that FMS publishes two timestamps with each match: actualStartTime and postResultTime- this is likely what the automated video splitting program uses. If the clock is a little off on the field server or there is some other synchronization error with the video stream, something like this could potentially happen.

That being said, I don’t have specific firsthand knowledge of the program FIRST is using to split match videos, so i can’t say why for sure.

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The FIRST video system has a direct connection to the FMS. I’m pretty sure it’s using push notifications.

you can put your team’s video of the game on TBA also. I have many. Also, often I think mine are better because they don’t have the camera cuts just when you want to see something happen.

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