Why aren't robots everywhere?

Hello, I am doing a research assignment for one of my classes and was hoping the CD community could help me by providing their personal opinions on this topic (what you think is what matters most here).

I believe that there isn’t a role robotics cannot play in the advancement of society and the improvement of life. Because of this, the question I am asking is: Why aren’t robots everywhere?


Thank you all for your time, and enjoy the last 17 days of build season!*

Robots are scarce because of legal liability issues.

When your PC operating system goes awry, you lose a few minutes, or perhaps a few days of productivity. When your forklift operating system goes awry, you lose thousands of dollars in equipment, or tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses. This means that the amount of “bullet-proofing” required for a robot (meaning a computer that affects the physical environment directly) is more than is economically feasible for most applications. Plus, humanity still has a bit of a Frankenstein complex, and perhaps always will.