Why aren't the cargo bay holes circular?

Does anyone know why they have to have the rectangular potrusions at the top and bottom? Just curious.

To allow for a grabber of some kind.


So they assumed we’d all be designing vertical grabbers?

They certainly made vertical grabbers an option by having no brushes above or below the hatch cover on the loading station, and having these gaps. Note that while having a “center hole” grabber makes great sense for retrieving hatch covers from the loading station and scoring them, a vertical or radial* grip seems more likely for teams who desire a floor pickup capability.

  • one part in the hole, another part at the perimeter.
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it really do be like that sometimes

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in case you are grabbing the panels by the outer edge

The reason FIRST HQ listed during the field tour videos was to prevent hatch panels from getting stuck inside.

“Also, check out the backstops above and below the hatches. These prevent hatch panels from accidentally going inside the hatch while being placed.”

This is why there are backstops behind the keyhole slots. If the keyhole slots weren’t there at all, it would be impossible to stick a hatch panel in the hole without deforming it significantly.

It also give the soft pink manipulators some place to grab.

might even be useful for aligning the hatch panel more easily? by mechanical means.

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