Why can't I renew my Autodesk student license?

I can’t seem renew my student license, and I keep getting this message.

To clarify, I keep getting the red message at the top, and I have been in contact with their support team but they haven’t given me a working solution.

Bumping this as I have heard of a college student having the exact error trying to get AutoCad. Anyone from Autodesk monitoring CD?

I literally had the same thing happen to me. It took opening a ticket with support to get it fixed, but they were able to fix it right away.

I logged into my educational account and downloaded the installer from the “get product” page. (I did not run the installer) closed and reopened Fusion. If that doesn’t work you probably have a problem with your education account. If so what Andrew said.

I’ll second this. I worked with their live chat support and though they weren’t able to fix the issue they escalated it to a team that had it resolved in less than 48 hours.

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