Why do i realy need the accelerometer??

Why do i realy need the accelerometer??
I mean the displacement i can find with the decoders and the speed also…
What purpose the accelerometer has???


Since gravity is always present, and aways vectored straight down, you can also use the accelerometer as a tilt sensor

to tell you if the robot is tipping (falling over or on the ramp), or to measure the angle that an arm is tipped.

you can also use it to register impacts - if your robot hits something in auton mode, the accelerometer will register a sudden change in acceleration.

Why I do actually need it?
Cause I dont…
I realy dont wanna know those parameters…
Or if you give me a reason to know them…

There are features and functions that are possible using the accelerometer that are difficult/impossible to obtain without them.

Tilt sensoring, aides to naviations, wheel slip monitoring, impact monitoring/detection, etc.

These are not NEEDED items but for the right team, they can be NICE to have items.

Look at it this way. Who needs welding? You can always bolt or glue things together! Who needs welding? Yes this is true. But in some cases for the right application, welding enables things that bolting/glueing do not.

NEED? I can’t help you or disagree. WANT? Maybe. It depends on the robot your team NEEDS to build.

Joe J.

How else are you going to deploy your airbags?