Why do my best robot design ideas always come when the season is almost over?

In Boston I was talking with a friend, and finally told about an idea I had after seeing some actual competitions.

Instant ramp for less than 50 bucks (cheapest version) at any store (Walmart, K-Mart, Toys-R-Us, Kay-Bee Toys etc…)

Now that the regular season is over, and I never saw anything like this implemented, maybe someone wants to run with it for the offseason?

It would be legal under costing, and COTS, and weight, but size may be an issue (width mostly - nothing a sawz-all couldn’t take care of though…:cool:

But would any team actually buy one of these and bolt it on?






Yeah… that KISS principle is in full effect with this one.

Isn’t it more fun to build it your self? Those would have been a good idea, cheep and must be strong enough to hold the kid and skate board, and able to be easily driven onto.

because hindsight is 20/20


Keep your eye out for a certain “post season” bot, coming to your nearest New England competition. Under $50, 5 hours of build time, 60 points guaranteed!

As a side note, you actually have time during build season to come up with ideas? :slight_smile:


I actually used to have one of those ramps when I was younger, the one pictured above. However, the downside would be the grade of the ramp, somewhere near 30 deg (at 12 high) right? How wide are they and tall? Couldn’t be +12 inches high I don’t think.

murphy’s law. everyone always comes up with the winning idea too late. including us…to some degree…

this year i had a really good idea for build… it was a hybred, but a little complicated, i built a model out of k’nex, and the kid who did the designing for 1694’s bot shot it down…

i had the best k’nex machine for triple play and FF Raising the bar too, all built with knex, i also had one for Aim high.


note, this was just in the planning stages, i had this thing built by Saturday night of the kickoff.

the pics dont work… [dotdotdot]

I see the pictures just fine, I am using Mozilla Fire Fox for Windows.

I didn’t think of skateboard ramps. That one is only 24" wide, though - it would require very careful driving to get on it without falling. I calculate the slope at just less than 21 degrees.

I was looking at handicap access ramps for a while. But since most of them are rated for somewhere around 600 pounds load, they all weighed too much.

Likewise I always come up with good ideas after the game is over. I guess it is because I actually have time to sleep and rest so my brain can think properly. That is just a theory. Also because during the build season I am trying so hard to solve a problem, I fail to see the simplest of solutions even if they are right in front of my face.

I have a neighbor who has one of those ramps and I almost ran over it with my car because they left it in the street. It was on the side and I wondered how much air I would get but still my grandmother wouldn’t approve so I drove along…I saw this but failed to remember it was FIRST related.

Amish-bot? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Occasionally…(on the nights I take off from attending team meetings) lol

*And if I see a Skateboard ramp at an offseason with a big 228 in varsity letters on it, then I won’t bring up who I told my idea about this to in Boston and their affiliation with 228. (psst… It was Samm) :yikes: lol (Oh well, too late to not bring it up I guess. :stuck_out_tongue: )
But… if you do attempt this, I want pics at least!

The “Amish-bot” will have no plastic on it, or metal for that matter… You’ll just have to wait and see at Beantown.

BTW, GUS V9.0 will still be there, ready to take on the rest of New England, again. The “Amish-bot” will be a side-show spectacle with plenty of photo opportunities.


p.s. Samm, should really keep her mouth shut… :slight_smile:

Wait a minute…

That’s not murphy’s law, but it should get some name…

No no no, you misunderstood me I think… lol I didn’t hear about Amish-Bot from Samm. I told her about the bolt-on skateboard ramp idea of mine when we were in Boston for the regional almost too late to implement even back then…

I found out about Amish-Bot from another (digital-type) source. :smiley:
And if it’s going to be all wood, you should throw some of these on it:

And if it’s going to be all wood, you should throw some of these on it:

Wheels? We don’t need no stink’n wheels…

I’ll be working on it tonight. Stay tuned for more pictures from your “Digital-Type Source.”


I know with my team no one likes to take the easy way out -_-;;

I think you dismiss great ideas like that because everytime you have an idea that would be a simple answer to a complicated problem you can’t help but think it can’t possibly work that way to easy…and then you make a complicated thing…and it doesen’t work becuase its complicated…and then some uses the easy idea that you were sure never would of worked…I don’t know how many times that happened to me ;-;

Also great ideas always happen after build season because of trial and error. You see what worked for people and what didn’t. Its either that
the robotics gods just plain don’t like you =p!