Why do we have the number "googol" (not google)? (1 with 100 zeros...)

It does not seem we need to even use the number googol, petition to eliminate it.now (Lol). It is impossible to practically use the number since there aren’t even close to a googol atoms in the universe, it does not make since to even have the number. By the way, I will pay $100 to any (1) person who can write every integer from 1 to a googol :]

If we get rid of the term googol we can’t have alliterations like a googol gaggles of geese. Plus it’s always good to have a number that’s not infinity but qualifies as a generic “really really big number”.

It has some uses. Maybe not regular uses (like how many tacos I want for lunch), but uses non-the-less.

Check this out -

Now a googolplex is even bigger: 1 followed by a googol of zeros.

Someone invented it for a reason. If they didn’t needed, the wouldn’t have invented it.

for the same reason we have words for million, billion, trillion, gazillion

its easier to say than One E to the one hundreth

now a googolplex on the other hand, thats just getting absurd!

I take you up on your challenge Michael:
“every integer from 1 to a googol”

I wrote it, just like you said. PM me so I can give you my address so you can send me the $100. Thanks! :slight_smile: Lol.

Write != write a program/script/what not to write it for you.

Nice try though

He means that he wrote the string “Every number from 1 to googol”, and not a list of all those numbers.

Besides, all the numbers between one and a googol are more than the estimated number of particles in the universe.

Ah, that’s even better… wow, it’s all together too obvious that I’ve been staring at (and writing) code all day.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, oh look a bird, 7, 8, 9, 10… Sorry… I have ADHD. :slight_smile:

I wouldnt know what to say to them all, but Ill try

Dear Integer,

How have you been? How is Mrs Integer?
I am in the process of writing to every integer from 1 to a googol and I was wondering if you could help me out. Please make ten copies of this letter and mail it to the next ten integers higher than you…

You forgot the part about:

“…and please forward this within 6.424563 hours of receiving this letter or you will forever be cursed with a poor love life, Ebola, the black plague, wrinkles, will be forever chased down by El Niño and have to live with smelly feet for life.”

Nice, Ken and Tim. That was great. :smiley: ROTFLMFO (rolling on the floor laughing my face off…)

there are better ways to threaten integers:

Not replying to this letter would be an irrational act - you dont want the other integers talking negatively about you

you could end up getting drawn

and quartered!

I don’t remember who “invented” googol (but a quick google search can answer that!) but I know that he let his nephew name the number.

And just when i thought i would have my first day of not learnign something new :smiley: LOL well all i ahve to say is thats a big number.

I think, eventually, the 1 to 1000 thread will reach a googol. Alas, that’s not one person.

Then we simply divide the 100 dollars between everyone whose ever posted in it.

it would therefore not be possible to write down or store the digits of a googolplex in decimal notation, even if all the matter in the known universe were converted into paper and ink or disk drives.

i dare you to write a script and try to fill your hard drives with lots of 0’s in a text file :wink:

haha so since I am bored… presenting “1 with 100 zeros…”