Why do you love FIRST?

I love FIRST because it’s given me (and everybody on my team and on any team) the opportunity to learn (many things!), compete, help each other, mature, and change in a way that will benefit the future. Because FIRST gives us something to hold on to, to place emphasis on, to value.

I love FIRST because it appeals to me, not only do I get to work with my hands but also with my mind, both designing and building a robot, in only six weeks. Because it taxes both your body and mind (and your teammates’ bodies nad minds) to complete a challenge that was assigned to you. Because the limitations and regulations give people guidelines, buyt plenty of room for creativity.

I love FIRST because it gives people something to celebrate about, something to reflect on and say “I’m really glad I did that”, and justification to say “I build robots, and I am proud of that”.

I love FIRST because by giving high school the options and possibilities it has, it’s opening up a new world for us, giving us opportunities for the rest of our lives that we might not have though possible.

So tell me, Cheif Delphites, why do you love FIRST?

I love FIRST because it has cemented my decision to be an engineer. I love FIRST because it got me into the university that I wanted. I love FIRST because I has taught me how to speak in public, how enable presentations, and how to work on a team. Finally, I love FIRST because I love to build things, and that something that I can do in FIRST robotics.

I love FIRST because it gave me the opportunity to meet some of my most valued and life long friends.
I love FIRST because it taught me to think for my self while still being aware of the larger group.
I love FIRST because I learned what it is to be inspired and now how to inspire others.
I love FIRST because once I was able to follow now I am able to lead.
I love FIRST because it gave me the best 3 years as a high school student that I could have every asked for.
I love FIRST because it now is giving me the best 3 years as a graduate.
I love FIRST because I now have friends from 4 different countries and just about every state in the United States.
I love FIRST because its 0529 hours and I can still think of the reasons why I love FIRST.
I love FIRST because it taught me that I don’t want to be an engineer, I want to be a Fire Fighter/ Medic and I am just about there.
I love FIRST because it gave me confidence in so many aspects of my life I can’t even describe it.
I love FIRST because its FIRST, what’s not to love.
I love FIRST because without it I would have turned out to be a whole different person and probably not a good one.
I love FIRST because FIRST will never die no matter if the competition is stopped, the friends and memories will always be there.

I am going to stop now, but I will be back with more.

I’m really sorry for not really saying anything valued, since you’ve all said what I think about FIRST.

It’s an amazing expirence that opens the eyes and minds of young people, and even grown ups too! It challenges our nearby communtiy, our friends, teachers, mentors, family and ourselves to work in cooperation and teamwork to make the best project you can in 6 and a half weeks.
I think that even just 1 year being part of FIRST gives you something great for life.
Being part of FIRST for the more than 3 years gives you unbelivable knowledge and preperation for life.
Being part of FIRST for all it’s comeptitions and being a volunteer or a mentor for the years after changes your whole life. You’re a whole new person. If you would look at what you are doing in a perspective, you’d see that you can do things for your friends, your community, your country, for the whole world. Thanks to what FIRST has taught you. They taught you in the robotics way, but you can do what you did in the robotics also in other subjects.
Like Dean said: “We are the leaders of tommorow”. FIRST is our preperation to become leaders. I think that when he said leaders, I first thought he meant as literal leaders: presidents, Chairmans, CEO’s etc…
But now that I look at it, he might of meant even more.
He might of meant that we are the leaders of tommorow who will push, help, encourage and be there for what we will be doing in the future and even if we won’t be the role leaders, as in being the top persons of a group, but a part of it that together will lead the group into something great.
I’m not sure if I was able to express my self properlly, but I hope you would understand what I meant.

FIRST is really amazing. And I love it. And I’m sure anyone who would really be part of it and decide to participate at thier own will, would love it too.

Thank you FIRST!

I love FIRST because of the challenge every year. After kick off every year all I can think of is “How are we going to do this?!?!?”. After the plan is made and the building starts, the time crunch starts. Trying to fabricate and weld everything up. About the last 2 weeks my body is worn out and I wanna give up. But by the end there is a robot, sometimes not finished or the fanciest looking, but none the less a robot. After the competitions are over, things start to settle down and before I know it the same punishment starts.

FIRST for me is a legal drug that makes you come back year after year. No matter what happens the year before your always ready for the next season.

i love FIRST because its awesome and what we do is awesome it has given me plently of amazing friends and its just plain awesome

there are no human words can explain why I LOVE FIRST…

now I shall begin my quest to find the language that can;)

I love FIRST because it is a wonderful and unique experience.

What other organization can teach students from all different backgrounds, with different personalities and dreams valuable lessons which help them in the future?

No matter who you are or what your dream is, it can be achieved using the lessons you obtain from FIRST.

I have been involved with FIRST since I was a small child (my brothers were on a team and I tagged along). I am now in college and I can’t stay away.

FIRST has influenced me to pick my university and my major and it has shaped who I am as a person. It has brought out the best in me and I am thankful for all of those who were a part of my experience.


I’ve personally been able to learn more about engineering, science, technology, teamwork, gracious professionalism, competition, strategy, people, and myself through FIRST than through any other organization, event, or happening in the world.

I love FIRST.

I’m a big fan of gracious professionalism, which is why I continue to stay involved in FIRST despite going for an anthropology degree. I love the fact that in FIRST we are all more or less equal. FIRST is just one giant extended family.

It’s the satisfaction of working on something for so long and then being able to stand back and say “I helped make that,” and this year drive it after. Once it’s built no matter who you are you want to get your hands on those controls.

I think if i started typing, i would break the 4747 charictor barrier. but i can keep it in general

it got me through high school with a decent GPA
it was something that i looked forward to every day in High School
I met many new people
I learned a lot of things
I fitted it with everyone else
The team was a close family

the list goes on and on