Why does 1x1x0.1 versa frame only have holes on 2 sides?

Just wondering, Since versa frame 1x1x0.04 comes with holes on all 4 sides, why does the 1x1x0.1 inch tubing come with holes on only 2 of the sides?

It has holes on all four sides now - I bought some last month and was surprised. All of the holes are at the same distance along the bar (like angle or channel), not offset like the 0.04" tubing.

Good to know. The site still says different, though.

Unless that’s a recent change, all the .04 wall tubing I got in 2014 and 2015 wasn’t offset. It’s aligned on all four sides.

The 0.4" tubing I bought last summer and used last month had offset holes. The stuff I bought last month was still wrapped in paper until just now - and it is aligned rather than offset.

I’ve seen aligned, offset, and randomly offset pieces over the last few years.