Why does our robot eat batteries

17.5fps is very fast gearing for a 130 pound robot. It is not surprising that you are hitting the brown out protections at the end of the matches.

If we didn’t put good batteries in our robot last year we would hit brown out protection near the end of matches. We were geared at about 16.3fps.

You might consider changing your gearing if possible. If you are using Talon SRXs it would be a good idea to enable current limiting. This would help mitigate the issue as well.

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One other possible culprit is your elevator. You mentioned that it is powered by 2X 775 pro motors. Do those motors carry the weight of the elevator all the time? Or is your elevator properly counterbalanced so it holds position except when moved up or down by the motors? If not properly counterbalanced, you could be dumping large amounts of power into those motors just holding it in position.

Pro tip: post some video or pictures on your social media accounts so we can see what your bot looks like. That will help us diagnose your problem.

If you post the logs from your driver station or look at them it’s probably pretty clear. Ultimately something is drawing alot of power and if you look at your pdp channel mapping you can probably figure it out.

^This. It is almost certainly your 17.5fps drive. There are very few games where you need more than 10-14fps and very many where you would want less.

Just to answer a few of these questions our room bot is 6WD with two omnis on the front with the rest “traction wheels”. I also will look at the ds log and post one of those and I can also try applying a ramp rate to our talon srx’s. Our compressor should not be taking a whole bunch but I can see. Basically I’ll try what you have all suggest

If you are looking for a quick software fix, try setting the Talon SRX current limit on all of your drive motors to something like 30 amps.

We have already done this and it helps quite a bit until we want to push :yum:

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That’s right, it’s because you’re geared too high.

You mention you’ve geared for 17.5 ft/s. Is this your actual speed, your theoretical loaded speed with fudge factors (e.g. the “speed loss constant” in the JVN calc), or your theoretical unloaded free speed (no friction anywhere from motor to floor)?

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