Why don't Ontario&FiM upload matches to TBA?


I’ve noticed that videos of matches getting uploaded in a huge delay (if at all), at Ontario and Michigan district events (We also got delay in uploading videos here in Israel, but the guys here already working to upload it in time to do prescouting).
As you all may know how important is to be able to get familiar with teams in your division, if you can make sure videos of your DCMP events will uploaded during next week it will be awesome.
Or at least, if you believe that videos won’t be uploaded in time, please share here link for the twitch channels* of your divisions in DCMP (or multiple links if you got a few different angles).

*Looks like the twitch accounts of FiM don’t archive the broadcasts. Please michigan teams who see this post, ask the relevant volunteers to make sure that twitch will archive DCMP webcast.

Good luck in DCMP events, and see you soon in Detroit!



No clue if the MSC matches will be available here (since many district events don’t have all their videos uploaded), but the FIRST in Michigan YouTube channel has a lot of match videos from 2019, sorted by event. Again, not all videos are here, but hopefully videos will be posted from MSC this weekend.

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I believe that uploading MSC matches is more valuable and urgent than other district events…
Hope you can figure it out over there and upload all matches!




A couple things:

  • FIM videos are automatically (or manually) uploaded to YouTube as long as the automated recordings are set up correctly. Some events this year have had trouble with this, but I expect MSC will be fine.
  • FIM’s system doesn’t automatically link videos to TBA - I’m not quite sure how that usually happens, but I know that links to YouTube videos on TBA can be added or suggested manually.
  • All of the FIM Twitch broadcasts I’ve seen are archived, although they expire after 2 weeks. Are there some you’ve seen that expire sooner?


Automatic linking is very possible (other districts + the regional webcast units do it), but it requires one of the district organizers to reach out to TBA to get the correct authorization and then implement the linking in their automation.

But yes, until then, videos can also be linked manually from the TBA event pages.



Specifically, where is Kingsford’s video?



Kingsford happened more than 2 weeks ago, so the Twitch recording has expired. It’s possible that the AV crew there forgot to set up the match recordings - I don’t remember what field it was using, but nothing’s showing up on Google. I could check with AV at MSC to see if there’s anything saved, but can’t promise that there is, unfortunately.



I’ll share here about FIRST Israel DCMP matches as well…
Matches will almost certainly will be uploaded to TBA until divisions will be announced.
If for any reason you can’t find a specific match, it will be available over FIRST Israel Youtube or at FIRSTIsrael Twitch.



For ONT, it looks like someone just needs to submit those playlists as the matches for the respective competition.



Also FiT?

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I’ve been splitting all of FiT’s videos (and a couple of FiM’s on request) using ReMatch. If someone wants to see an event split into matches, please fill out https://tweirtx.github.io/rematch-request and I’ll get those clips to you as soon as possible.



All matches from Israel have been uploaded, and available through TBA.



Looks like MSC has put all of Thursdays matches in the corresponding division playlist on the FIRST in Michigan YouTube channel.



Thanks for getting FiT out! Much appreciated!



ONT members, does someone know to tell if your DCMP matches will be uploaded this week as well?

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I can’t speak for Ontario or FiM, but in FNC I’ve been the person cutting the entire video stream and uploading it to YouTube for archiving. I get the feeling that if someone doesn’t take the initiative to archive the video, it won’t get done in districts.

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Yes we will be getting the matches up as soon as we can. We’ve been having issues getting our splitter to auto upload in TBA, (and I got tired of manually marking them in TBA). We will be fixing that / setting up a new script as soon as we have a bit of time.

As Mat mentioned above the matches are all getting uploaded to our new YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIIc_TYWWqSrrvqpLwVLdmQ/playlists

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Feel free to PM me, @Eugene_Fang, or to email contact@ if you get stuck getting videos to auto-add to TBA - we’d be glad to help work through your issue!



As long as the matches were recorded (and they almost always are), they will be saved, and eventually uploaded. Everything recorded on a FiM streaming machine is automatically backed up to a Google Drive account. The issue they’ve been having is that their automatic upload script maxes out at 8 videos per day before YouTube cuts it off (something about how the YouTube API changed since last year), and YouTube limits manual uploads to 100 per day, meaning that it’s almost impossible to upload the videos from a past event that didn’t upload, while another event is going on (and since when the AV carts aren’t being used at an event, they’re in the trailer with the field, it limits the opportunities to upload).

As for automatically linking matches on TBA, my impression is that FiM isn’t interested in the extra workload required to set that up, and simply prefers to link people to the main FiM YouTube page where they can look up matches for themselves.