Why FIRST needs rookies.

In the past couple of days i have noticed alot of things about rookies and the roles that they play on the team. Rookies seem to throw out alot of neive ideas during the brainstorming process. Alotugh these ideas are neive they are often plausable, even quite good. The veterns on the teams are quick to ignore these ideas. Even so rookies bring excitement and enthusiasim that all veterns once had as rookies themselves. In conclusion i believe that we should all treat rookies with a little more decency and respect. I for one now have a new found repsect for rookies.

Any coments?

Rookies bring new life to FIRST. They’re what keep the program going. Without rookies, there would be no more FIRST. It’s as simple as that.

I really enjoy the rookies. They haven’t learned about me yet so I can pick on them without any fallout. :slight_smile: Seriously the last 2 years on our team, the rookies are really eager and are more than willing to help. I love to watch them as they learn more and more and are ready to pounce on any opportunity to help.

It is true that a lot of rookies are inexperienced and do not play the lead roles on the teams and some seem to have the main role of being someone to tease, but that isn’t always the case. Last year we had several Freshman/rookies make pit and flight and they deserved it. This year one of the designs we are seriously considering was mostly thought up by a Freshman. And there are a couple of other Freshman/rookies who are going to make our Engineers’ and team captain’s job of selecting pit crew very hard, so our veteran team members better be on their toes…

And on my watch, I openly give the Freshman/rookies permission to boss around the veterans…


I was a rookie just last year. The response I recieved for a good majority of almost anything I said was either nothing because the higher ups on the team ignored it or an immediate response saying that it wouldn’t work. Certainly, some ideas did get through, and I did build the switch box for the controller, but the negatives really stick in the head and really suppress innovative ideas. Those ideas could make FIRST’s knowledge base, not just any team’s, grow.

Because I try my best to keep my mind open to new ideas and old ones from new members and old alike, I constantly try suggesting them. I still take some minor criticism, but I will never give up, period. One of these days, it will all come together, and may prove worthy of something. :cool:

I was a rookie last year too. When i’d try to help with ANYTHING i would be dismissed and told to go away. I stopped coming after the first three weeks because i wasnt going to do anything anyways. This year though, im in it again and it’s alot more fun! I do alot. I’m the one who put together the drive system and now the lift system too :slight_smile: I’m pretty much an unofficial project leader :slight_smile:

At one point, we were all once rookies. ~ V. Zotto

Last year I was a rookie, and ended up just helping with whatever needed to be done. programming, drive train, arm, you name it, I helped. I learned a lot and now this years freshmen are doing the same. Our grabber idea was proposed by a freshman and he will co-head the manipulator sub-team. The freshmen are vital to our team.

Our entire team is made up of rookies, not a single veteran. Nice to know that we’ll be well-respected at the competition this year. :slight_smile: Best of luck to all this year.

The rookies on our team have added renewed vigor that was sorely lacking last season. Paired with matured returnees and senior leadership the X-Cats are ready to rock this year.
I feel it in my bones!