Why I Hate Printers


PC Load Letter? What does that mean!?
(put letter paper in the print cassette)


I could just imagine being at a regional and you ask could I have some buttons and you go up to them and use NFC or Bluetooth to give them your “buttons”.

Or even better the judges come by and you just hand them a flash drive instead of packets lol


I got a printer back in 2001. It has 3 buttons - on/off, pause, and resume, with two LED’s for feedback. I buy a single black ink cartridge for it every February so I can print out the stuff I need for competition. In all this time, I don’t think it’s ever jammed on me. And it still works better than the “fancy” one I got 5 years ago and subsequently trashed when it proved to suck.

What can I say? They don’t make them like that anymore…


They started making the bad ones after I was born. :slight_smile:


HP was still making good ones in 2003. My LJ 1300 has only one button and two LEDs. It has jammed on me, but usually only when using weird stock. In addition to FRC, I’ve been treasurer of an investment club for about a decade, and spent ~5 years as church publicity guy, and 2 each as senior warden and treasurer. I go through about 2 or 3 “13X” toner cartridges a year. It also accepts postscript, which lets me bypass a lot of the strangeness of windows drivers when I need to. After the most recent lasted about 2 years and was jamming constantly, I’ve given up on color at the house.


While I agree that printers can be frustrating, can we just take a moment to realize how freakin awesome they are.

You have a machine that can make a duplicate picture down to 1/1200th of an inch for $100… Let that sink in for a minute. In just a few seconds, it can take the data convert it to three colors plus black, and cover a page within 1/1200th of an inch… IE take 1200x1200x8x10 = … a really really big number of points.

Photo-level realistic copies used to require an incredibly skilled artist, and many, many hours of work.

I put complaining about printers akin to complaining about the cost of shipping a letter. When anyone complains about that, I usually offer them $0.50 to take a note from one end of my building to the other end. When they turn me down, I remind them that I can stick it in a box, and someone garuantees it will get across the US, in just a couple days with better than 99.999% delivery rate.

Anyone ever see a copy off of a memiograph machine?


Seen a copy? I used to have to help run the mimeograph machine when I was in grade school, still remember the smell and the purple hands.

As for newer printers I have a Dell Color MFP H825cdw, which I finally picked up in frustration over ink jets, but having become enamored with colorized printouts, did not want to go back to black and white. I have had very little trouble with it over the last few years, and the unit cost is pretty low, if you purchase 3rd party toner, which is readily available and has worked perfectly for me. YMMV.


I have had two HP printers since 1998 (697 and 952c) but last year went with an Epson and couldn’t be happier. I feel the HP’s have become costly to maintain. The ink cartridges cost more and it seems the last one I had it had to be taken out and cleaned with denatuered alcohol often as it would dry up and clog. The Epson has been great so far quality wise and not having cartridge issues.


Black is a color, or colour for our Canadian friends :slight_smile:


Normally I hate printers, but we got some decently nice new Lexmark printers at work. They’re surprisingly good at guiding the user through clearing paper jams. They light up which door you need to open and everything. (now I just need to know why they have so many paper jams)


I have a Canon D540 laser printer and it rarely, if ever, screws up. I also have an Epson XP-830 and it had issues at first, but when it works it’s literally magic. It can auto scan a bunch of papers at once double sided. Blew my mind when I saw it do that. Of course getting the scans from the printer to the computer is a hassle sometimes but apart from that it’s cool beans.

My mother, who teaches at a middle school, has access to the industrial-type printers that cost upwards of 5k. Prints one page per second, double sided and stapled and hole punched as well. Can also copy papers at the same rate.


Our current arsenal:
HP LaserJet M506dn
HP LaserJet CP2025dn
HP LaserJet CP3505n
HP Designjet T1100ps
HP Designjet Z5600
Brother DCP-L2540DW
Brother MFC-J6520DW
Xerox Phaser 8560DN
Xerox Phaser 7800GX

Oh, and my own personal Konica Minolta Bizhub C360. I suppose you could say I like having many printers available.

Although I’ve taken all my classes mostly paperless, these all have a specific purpose and they all still see use


I currently have a Brother HL-L5200DW and it’s one of the best printers that I have own. I use it both for my Amazon business and printing random things for my team (FLL rubrics, brochures) Brother has great black and white laser printers plus if you buy the 3rd party toner cartridges, printing becomes so cheap.

For color prints, I have a separate HP printer that runs on HP Instant Ink. I only use it on occasions that require color printing.


Tip: buy printers that have off brand ink availably on amazon, cheap, lasts longer, same quality


someone has to mention this video on a thread about how terrible printers are… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQGtucrJ8hM


I can really relate to that content. None of the printers at home have lasted a year, my laptop is still working fine, but the printer won’t work.


Don’t get me wrong, I still hate printers. But I’ve begun to hate them much less since I learned that I can email them my documents. For whatever reason, this seems to work much more reliably.


My HP printer can accept photos and documents over email, but I try to avoid using it as much as possible. There’s no way to set print settings this way, so you’re at the mercy of HP’s default (and usually undesirable) print settings. I’m sure it’s fine for normal text documents, but it’s nearly unusable for images.


A great way to get revenge on an annoying printer is to “scrap it” by taking out any electronics out that you could use, if their are any, and then get a sledgehammer and have some fun with what remains. It reduces stress and if anyone asks what you are doing then just say that you are “scrapping” it which is technically true :smiley: :cool:


I love the HP Laserjet! It works great and I recommend it to everyone!