Why insist team 47 around anymore?

Hello people of chief delphi recently my friend and I were having a conversation about FRC teams and during that conversation team 47 was brought up. We were wondering what happened to them and why they disbanded.

Team 47’s school closed and they combined with the other team in their district to form Team 51 Wings of Fire.

This thread contains a few tidbits of information regarding the circumstances:

… whose logo is now featured at the top left of CD.

In the thread it said they joined with team 65 which lasted until 2009

The logo you see is the new combined team of 51 Wings of Fire.

I think you’re a bit confused.
2009 was 47’s last year. The merged with 65 and became 51 (Wings of Fire) starting in the 2010 season.

That thread just contains the information pertaining to why the merge occurred.

There is a 47 logo for the CD URL. Not sure if it’s the original or not. Here’s another thread on their merging: https://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1501099

Can confirm, the favicon is vintage.

Source: Look At When I Joined CD

2004 qualifies as vintage now? Ugh.

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I sometimes scare myself if I mention how long I’ve been doing FRC anywhere near the freshmen. I’ve been on a team longer than some of 'em have been alive, and around a team for an extra 5 years on top of that.

So is there a reason that they didn’t continue with the CD name and number for the brand recognition?* I don’t know FIRST’s rules on teams combining, especially original teams like CD/HB/WoF.

*Was team “branding” even really as emphasized in 09?

Because they didn’t want to do so at the expense of 65, the Huskies. The teams and schools combined; one didn’t absorb the other.

FIRST allowed the past records from both teams to be carried forward to Team 51. So both teams still “exist” in memory.

I can’t speak for the team members, but it was a merger between 47 (Chief Delphi) and 65 (Huskie Brigade), rather than one team absorbing the other. Both teams were very accomplished prior to the merger, with 47 being a Hall of Fame team and 65 being a former FRC Champion (2003). Beyond that, the “Delphi” in Chief Delphi came from Delphi being 47’s main sponsor. When the teams merged, they also retained General Motors (the main sponsor of 65), so naming the team for one major sponsor at the expense of the other would be needlessly alienating.

Last of all, you can see the logos for both Chief Delphi/Pontiac Central (top left) and the Huskie Brigade/Pontiac North (top right) included in the Wings of Fire logo.

Could someone tell me or link me to a explain what happened to 1717?

Here’s the CD thread about it.