Why is "defense" allowed in FRC?


Its so that people who think it’s battlebots can at least have some fun :joy:


If you’re talking about Quals 62 at NE Granite State, it looks like you (7133) were in 95’s null territory when the arm broke off. With all due respect, your team was the one on defense and 95 was on offense. If you’re going into someone else’s protected zone, well, frankly they’re protected and you aren’t.

If playing defense led to your robot breaking, I’d consider changing your strategy or building a more robust machine. I certainly wouldn’t continue to harbor ill feelings against a team who didn’t seem to do anything wrong.


I’m sorry that your robot was damaged by us.

Here’s the clip from the match where we damaged your robot:

Your robot was stopped in our null zone and appeared to be disabled (it did not really move for most of the match), and we tried hard to avoid contact far beyond what the rules required. We even drew a penalty for touching 811 in their null zone because we tried to go around the long way to avoid you guys rather than milking the situation for tech fouls. You can see moments before your robot was damaged we tried to go across the field away from you guys again, but we hit 138’s robot that was hidden from our viewpoint.

I am not sure what penalty you expected to be leveled against us being that you were in our alliance’s null zone and we did not contact you inside of your frame perimeter.

I remember that match vividly because I was cringing after seeing the unfortunate contact we had with 138 and your team, 7133. I personally stopped by both of your pits immediately afterwards to offer our help in fixing your robots. Our offer was politely turned down by both teams.