Why is everyone JVN?

I’ve been on the forum for five years now and I’ve never been able to figure out why everyone thinks that they are JVN? Can someone fill me in on the joke?

I know most of the story… someone can correct me if I’m wrong…

Remember those Visa(?) commercials with NFL running back Emmitt Smith a couple years ago, where all the people said “I am Emmitt Smith”? Well, after seeing all of those, “Big Mike” decided to make his user title “I am JVN”, as a joke. Then, he persuaded a bunch of people in a FIRST chat on AIM to do the same. From there, it snowballed, and ended up with 30+ having some form of “I am JVN” as their user title.

So, there you go… the story of “I am JVN”.

Thanks! I was getting so confused listening to one of the FIRSTcasts where everyone claimed to be JVN. OK, thanks again.

ahh episode two, great times.

Check the last Minute of Episode 3 also, funny stuff. (its at about 34:00)

I think we need to scream out from the stands “I am JVN.”

I didn’t know about that story/joke, but since I have met John in person, I have always wanted to be like him, not to mention he is one of my mentors, he is the reason I have been able to do most of my designs.