Why is forum page wider?

Why has the minimum forum width been changed recently to be wider to approximately 1020px?

It is annoying trying to read text articles that are this wide. The old width of the forum was much better.

I haven’t had a problem yet.

If you go to your UserCP and then to “edit options”, at the bottom of the page there is a “page width” option… try changing it.

The options incluce 980px and 100% width, unfortunately nothing custom.

Nothing has been changed. You have 980px and 100% to choose from. I suggest 980px so the custom ChiefDelphi things (CD-Media, etc.) fit nicer.

Thank you folks for saying there was a User CP setting. That told me I was not logged in which defaults to 980px. Now that I am logged in the width is 100% instead. I can now print out a couple of important instructions and take them to the lab.

By the way, 980px does not fit on the printed page, even in landscape mode.

If you just want to print a thread, you can access a printable view in the thread tools.

Or you can get IE7, which automatically resizes the page for printing.