Why is the buckeye volunteer of the year a building?

According to both this and the blue alliance, the volunteer of the year is the NASA machine shop? Can someone who was at buckeye explain what happened?


I’d assume there’s a NASA machine shop on site for teams to use and the award was collectively given to the people who coordinate it.


Yep this is basically it. How I understand it is that there is a dedicated group of volunteers that always run the machine shop here at Buckeye and there’s a lot of history behind it as well. I can’t remember all of it, but it was shared when they were reading out the award. It’s a great way to honor those phenomenal volunteers that often aren’t as visible as others.

Fun fact, they actually welded both of our sources for the field this weekend. Very grateful to have them at Buckeye and happy to see them be recognized.


One of the better machine shops I’ve seen at a regional competition


It’s phenomenal.


The machine shop team at events I feel constantly get underrepresented as there usually not out in the middle of the madness but they are some of the greatest and most knowledgeable people to talk to I always make it a mission to see them even when we don’t need anything machined


To be fair they are also at champs… So it’s like having a champs machine shop :smiley: :rocket:

I was joking with another one of our mentors earlier today that the older dudes running the machine shop had the best job because they looked like they were having the time of their lives. So happy to see them recognized!


I cant 100% recall what Diane said about them but something along the lines of they actually bring and set up some of their own personal machines as well.

They’ve saved us so many times at Buckeye and even gave some valuable tips towards build consideration, I say well deserved!