Why is the Newton Webcast so horrible?

In the newton webcast you can’t see anything, the camera is way too far away, all of the other ones are up close so you can tell whats going on! Anyone at nationals care to ask them to move the camera? Also the sound is missing… any ideas on making this better?

Also does anyone have the match listings? I want to know what time 229 has rounds so I can catch them all!

I’m watching all 4 cameras at once. Unfortunately, it looks like there’s no one there to operate the cameras on Newton. Archimedes and Curie looked like they had the best video coverage. However, I think their video crew took a break as well. All the cameras are at fixed positions right now.
I haven’t seen any match lists yet. I would keep my eyes on the Championship Event page at usfirst.org.

I also loved how Archie had an “Einstein” tag on it for a good section of the morning :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was a little dissapointed about that. Einstein can usually also be accessed using the URL below. Unfortunately, NASA has been merging the video feeds and not running a single decicated feed for Einstein.


EDIT: Einstein seemed to be running a FLL tournament.

If you can only watch one webcast, go for Curie or Archimedes, there is audio on those fields. Curie’s my favorite, sometimes there’s an anouncer.

The camera on the Newton field got moved down and now there is sound!

Still wondering about the match lists though…

I don’t think I’ve ever seen FIRST release the list of practice matches online.

Come tomorrow, we should hopefully have the list of actual matches posted on the FIRST website…

The cameras are in different positions on the different fields. I think I looked at Newton after they moved the camera, but in that division you can see the whole field, whereas in some of the other divisions (I remember Curie specifically), the camera is zoomed in on the center platform and you can’t see the edges of the field or the alliance stations. That sorta bugged me. =/

I know, how are you supposed to be able to keep track when there are 4 things to watch at once!? Haha, I’m lucky, my 4 “adopted” teams are only split into 2 divisions. I opened Curie and by sheer luck managed to catch both rounds of 1114’s practice match, which was cool. But I’ll be looking forward to match listings too, so I can catch some of 564 and 229. It’s fun watching FIRST but it’s better when you’re friends with people on the team.

And best when you’re ON the team, but that’s a touchy subject for this thread and all those left at home…