Why is this not G20?

I noticed when watching finals 1 at the NYC regional, that when 2869 is playing defense 2265 pushes them such that are tilted at least 30 degrees with their mechanism inside their frame perimeter (this can be seen around 1:47 here: https://www.thebluealliance.com/match/2019nyny_f1m1). I was just curious why G20 wasn’t called in this case, it seems pretty clear to me. The only reason I can think of was that alliance already had a yellow card so they didn’t want to hand out a red card in finals.

Neither damaging nor obviously deliberate, I believe.

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I’m on 5124 and we tipped at least 45 degrees and even went into another frame but got no penalty. It was’t deliberate and our high bumpers vs another teams low bumpers caused that tilt and frame perimeter breakage.

Neither damaging nor deliberate.

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As the driver of the 2869 robot I can say that almost none of the teams actually violated g20. G20 is a head reff decision and is all up to that person. I do not agree with the rule but I will say that our mechanism was not in their bounds. We had the whole thing tied down and nothing could move. Defense calls are all based on the head reff. We went in to the finals almost knowing we were never going to win but we gave it our best shot, we also were very careful about penalties in that sense too.


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