Why is Tire Sealant against the rules?

Just curious. Why is “Tire Sealant” against the rules? (See Rule R8 item L)

The creativity of people in finding creative ways to get advantage never ceases to amaze me, and I can’t wait to hear about how tire sealant became an issue.


Makes a mess if it leaks out.

We used pneumatic tires for Stronghold. We had lots of trouble keeping them inflated for some reason so one of our mentors went out and bought some tire sealant. My intuition said “What if we pop a bead out on the field and that stuff runs out on the carpet? Better not use it.”

That stuff stays relatively viscous until it contacts air.

Lol. Here I was trying to figure out what creative and sportsmanship questionable application someone had found. Never even considered that they might actually be using tire sealant in tires.


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