Why is your team the absolute best?


Use this discussion to post a reason why YOU think your FRC team is the absolute best there is


Unless there’s a criteria for “best at” a particular thing, I imagine the vast majority of teams don’t think they’re the best there is.


It’s not


Im switching over to 2791 cause it has Brian Maher which makes it the best team ever


Does YOUR mentor have a fan club?


Our team members are kind to each other (no matter how odd), laugh constantly, love learning and are not afraid to fail spectacularly. In my mind they are the best. Their robots sadly are not but I’ll choose my own criteria.
Do they get a trophy?


1 Reason



Probably because we copy all the best teams…


We have a pretty great team name IMO. That may be one of the few things we have going for us; we’re working on changing that.


How many other teams have intentionally vague acronyms as their name?


“Best” is hereby defined as “FRC Team 1197”. By that definition my team is the best.



We meme the hardest.


Can confirm


We’ll join you there


We constantly like to remind our sister team 1425 that we have a 100% world attendance rate, whereas they do not.


The Crusaderbots cheered extremely hard for y’all at PNW


We are a direct derivation of the word “robot”. We are the main basis the word was created and FIRST was thought of by Dean Kamen and Woodie Flowers.
Please FYI I am of course joking. In no way take this as a serious answer.
Much love.



Pit Safety at every competition we’ve attended, in our history (except for our rookie year oops)


i don’t care about what i think our team is best at…i just want to make sure the 254 doesn’t get on this thread.


We’ll challenge any other FRC team to a touch football game.