Why is your team the absolute best?


We are the best at making disfunctional robots. If it breaks or doesn’t work, we’ve built it.


Because we are allergic to blue banners


boi we have fresh cookies


Best number.


Just look at our mascot “Queequeg”
Isn’t he beautiful?


Our teams are the best because.
1 two teams 1 school 3134 girls 3275 boys
2 we have a lot of students who have struggles in life but keep a generally good attitude
3 some of my students may not still be in highschool if there wasn’t a robotics team
4 I have students who have never had a shop class that can make parts on a mill and a lathe
5 we do the best with the recorces we have
6 there has been laughter, tears, and almost a couple fist fights but we are family.


Because weeeee luuuuuv trash!


whats your reasoning behind giving the girls and the boys there seperate teams?


But it’s 28 short of a round number…


We are probably the best team that has built multiple robots out of an old road sign (2016 and 2017). You wouldn’t expect it, but signs make good building material.


As many co Ed teams do we were struggling with female involvement on 3275. One of our girls in 2013 suggested we start another team. We discussed it with our female student body and there was a lot of interest. In 2014 with the help of Medtronic 3134 split off.
It is a lot more work for the very few mentors we have but at this point I feel it is worth it. We are as far as I know the only public school with 2 separate gender teams.


our shirts are pretty cool


We give blood sacrifices to our bot


Because my team has the smallest number of members and the greatest heart. I’m truly blessed!


we ziptie rubber ducks to are robots how can it get better then that and also the first day of build for us was 107


I mean look at our name, we’re Superior Roboworks. If we are Superior, we must be the best. And everyone can yell 857! as meetings end (a bit after 8:57).




Its only a matter of time before someone from 254 responds to this post…


Because we won chairman’s in our second year, after winning rookie all star and highest rookie seed at worlds the year before.


That sounds dangerous