why no 12.75:1 option for the toughbox Mini

Looking at getting the biggest gear reduction in the toughbox mini seems the catalog options only have S1 14:50 - S2 16:48 (10.71:1) I tried some random gear sets we have laying around and 15:50 fits the second stage as well for a s1 14:50 - s2 14:50 (12.75:1)

Any reason you can say NOT to run these gears in the toughbox Mini case?

What is the biggest reduction any of you have pulled out of one of these? I’m thinking about moving the motor to get a 12:50 first stage, or make a new box all together.

12.75:1 is quite possible using a 14:50 second stage, I changed several tough box mini’s from 10.71:1 to 12.75:1 this season

I see a 12.75:1 stage listed. In fact, my team used it this year.

Also if you found a 15 tooth steel gear that has the same center to center distance as a 14 tooth you should probably count the teeth again :slight_smile:

You know what. There it is at the end out of order.

If you’ve already got the gear sets it doesn’t really matter if it is out of order.

The 12.75:1 was pretty popular this year, the KOP chassis was way too fast with 8 inch wheels and the stock ratio

I just pulled up the same page, and I see them in order of increasing gear reduction (but defaulting to 12.75:1). Do you see it some other way? If so, I’d love to see a screenshot. You can post it here or email [my CD username]@andymark.com.